Property Management

Meet James. We manage his investment properties.

Rather than managing it himself, James decided to hire a property management team. “Quite simply, I don’t have enough time to handle it myself. I’m a busy, self-employed person and having a property manager gives me that time and takes all the pressure away,” James shared.

“The tenants are screened and vetted, the payments are monitored, and any maintenance is addressed quickly. I receive my statement every month that tells me how much I’m receiving, and that’s it!” James, like many property investors, has multiple houses. Consolidating his properties made things even easier, now having just one point of contact.

Hiring property managers in the Adelaide Hills
Most communications around property management tends to focus on filling vacancies with high-quality tenants. Of course, this is at the heart of successful property management. However, James understands the real advantage. Time.

You don’t have to be a busy business owner, either. You have your own house to manage, your family, career and personal commitments. The intricacies around attracting and maintain great tenants, attending to maintenance and abiding by local laws and regulations, takes time.

Managing a property is a job in itself. It requires your time, energy, and commitment… but there is an alternative.

Less stress, more freedom and time

Handball the late-night emergencies, evictions, chasing rent, paperwork, sourcing contractors and other tedious, time-consuming tasks, to your property manager.

You’re not bound to the house. You can travel, live elsewhere and, like James did, invest in subsequent properties (if this is in your future wealth plan).

Your time is best spent doing the things you enjoy, instead of micromanaging a property. An investment is an asset. When you think of it from this perspective, then it’s a growing business.

If you, like James, don’t have the time to manage your investment properties, contact our friendly team. For whatever reason you’re not happy with your current manager, we’d love to discuss your needs. Property management is a strong (award-winning) division within First National Nitschke.

We can also help aspiring homeowners enter the property market. If you’re thinking of buying an investment house in the growing suburbs of Mount Barker, Nairne, Littlehampton or Strathalbyn, talk to our team of real estate agents.

Happy tenants, rent paid on time and a growing asset – we simplify your journey to financial freedom, with a thriving Adelaide Hills investment property.