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Live in the Adelaide Hills. Invest in the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Our lovely state attracts thousands of tourists a year… and those numbers are only growing. This year, we’ve hit an all-time record, with visitor numbers soaring 7% in 12 months

Can you guess where they’re going? The Fleurieu Peninsula.

The Fleurieu, our lovely beachside ‘neighbour’, have the highest visitation of any other region in South Australia, other than Adelaide. And, the local Alexandrina Council are well underway with their Tourism and Visitor Strategy – playing an important role in helping our state achieve its $8 billion tourism visitor spend by 2020.

While many of us think of summer beach holidays and weekend trips, the opportunities in the Fleurieu Peninsula are much greater than this.

Yes, there are undeniable parallels between the Hills and Fleurieu. The sweeping hills, uninterrupted by nothing but roads that you can journey along. The wineries and farm-to-table (and sea-to-table) concept. The large properties and open space. The nature and the great outdoors.

Where the Adelaide Hills has direct access to the city, the Fleurieu has the beach… thousands of kilometres of untouched, oh-so-Australian beaches. Real estate in the Adelaide Hills differs to property prices and options in the Fleurieu. Engage a local who understands both regions, like Nitschke’s real estate agents.

The Adelaide Hills is, and always will be, home

But you can consider a second home, that beach house you’ve always dreamed about. If you’ve thought about investing in property, and you live (and love) the Adelaide Hills, consider South Australia’s #2 most-visited destination to build your property portfolio.

You can reach the investment home within the hour. You know that the region will continue to attract thousands of holiday-goers (so, stable rent). It’s affordable, safe, and bursting with lifestyle advantages.

Dubbed a ‘hot’ real estate market by experts, the Fleurieu Peninsula is also set to grow in population over the next 30 years. Plans to duplicate the Southern Expressway are in talks, to support the predicted growth.
You don’t need to make a sea change to benefit from this incredible region, close to us.

Explore real estate in the Adelaide Hills & the Fleurieu
Our Strathalbyn team handles property management for hundreds of individuals and families throughout the region. Live in the Adelaide Hills and invest in the Fleurieu, to get the best of both worlds.

With just shy of two decades of property management experience, we build relationships with high-quality tenants and play an active role in making sure your investment is in order. If you already own a property, get in touch to discuss growing your property portfolio.