Adelaide Hills

The assumptions people make, based on the Adelaide Hills suburb you live in.

We tend to associate identities with people. But, suburbs have personalities, too. And it’s important to understand this, if you’re moving towns or buying a house in the Adelaide Hills. 

Every area will have its own lifestyle traits and it’s essential to explore your different options. Real estate across the Adelaide Hills also differs between suburbs. It goes beyond suburb profile data, like the medium house price and rental return figures. Yes, this information is good to know, but it dovetails into the social data: demographics.

Mount Barker

Mount Barker, for example, has just shy of 12,000 residents, with an average income of $735/week. 82% of people live in houses and 29% are 19 and below. The second largest age group is 50 – 64, at 18%. Occupation-wise, most people living in Mount Barker are professionals, administrative staff, tradesmen, and managers.

Mount Barker has all the urban trimmings, with that country charm we know and love about the Hills. The businesses, schools and access to public transport give Mount Barker a cosmopolitan, connected feel. The country version of a ‘city.’ It’s a central place to look for your Adelaide Hills property.


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While Mount Barker is the CBD of the Hills, its leafy neighbour, Stirling, is stylish and glam. In a convenient pocket just off the freeway, this town attracts a mix of young professionals and families.

It’s laid-back and affluent, environmentally-conscious, and prestigious. The artisan and produce markets, high-end boutiques and restaurants, and gorgeous tree-lined streets add to its luxe persona. With a medium house price of $720,000 and its prestigious attractions, people associate wealth with Stirling.


With its large properties, farmland and quaint historic town, when people think of Strathalbyn, a peaceful neighbourly spirit comes to mind. Semi-rural and quiet, it’s perfect for families and couples.

Friendly, safe, and alluring for families who don’t need to be in the city, Strathalbyn is surrounded by wide open spaces, wineries, and the best nature has to offer. While the suburb you live in is truly what you make of it, there are clear distinctions between these areas.

So, what kind of suburb do you live in now? What does it ‘say’ about you? If you’re thinking of moving areas to another suburb in the Adelaide Hills, keep these traits in mind. Take the time to explore the type of lifestyle you desire.

Every suburb has a personality. Jump in the car for a good old-fashioned Sunday drive to explore the pulse of these towns, yourself. Browsing real estate across the Adelaide Hills is an adventure in itself.

And, when you’re ready to start looking at properties in your favourite town, talk to our team. Nitschke’s real estate agents can you give you unbiased advice about the best suburbs in the Adelaide Hills for you.

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