Simple DIY ‘home improvement’ tips to boost your home’s value

With a DIY-eagerness, a couple free weekends and YouTube tutorial videos open, you can make valuable updates to your home, without hiring tradesmen.

Round up the family and get started on these beginner home improvement projects. Whether you’re looking to make a few simple changes or get ready for a DIY home renovation on a budget, these ideas will kick-start your home makeover, one small tweak at a time.

Small updates to your Adelaide Hills property

1. Repaint your interiors

Have the kids played ‘cricket’ inside a little too often? Scuff marks all over the walls? A quick paint refresh will give you that like-new look (and scent) again. Work out how much paint you’ll need, based on the room sizes. Measure each wall, multiplying the height by the width, so you don’t over-do it with paint supply.

For example, if one wall is 3m x 4m, making 12 square metres, and the adjoining wall is 3m x 2m (which makes six square metres), the area to paint is 18 square metres. As for your colours, try to stay as neutral as possible. Creams and whites usually compliment evolving furnishings.

2. Treat wood surfaces

Given that wood is porous, you want to avoid soaking it in water. If you have gorgeous wooden floors, keep them looking naturally amazing with treatments like white vinegar and olive oil. It’s a great DIY recipe to clean wooden surfaces around the home.

3. Install closet organisers

Ladies, you can never have too much space for your shoes. And this tip will make the men of the house happy, as there won’t be any more tripping over heels. Wire shelving systems are practical, affordable, and will make him the hubby of the year. Almost everything hangs on the walls, so keep the floor free for shoe collections.

4. ‘Frame’ your light switch covers

Add a decorative touch to your light switches. Measure their size and head to your local craft store to pick up little frames that creatively camouflage your switch covers. It’s a simple trick that can introduce visual appeal to every room.

Before you start knocking down structures, sit down and think about any issues in your home. Are you lacking space? Think about shelves. Nowhere to entertain? Focus on an ‘outdoor room.’ Don’t like spending time in your old bathroom? Pull up the tiles.

Learn new skills, work with your hands, and add value to your Adelaide Hills property, without spending more than a few bucks. Take it from our real estate agents, small changes can have a big impact to the sale price, when you put your property up for sale in the Adelaide Hills.