Adelaide Hills

You’ve got the Adelaide Hills home. Now, get the gorgeous garden.

One of the best parts of living in the Adelaide Hills are the generous backyards. It would be a shame not to make yours a work of art, especially given the spring blooms that are synonymous with the Adelaide Hills. After a long cold winter, those blossoming colours will lift your spirits (and get you through to summer). 

There’s not many places that experience the best of four seasons. The Adelaide Hills is one of these unique regions, where every season has its charm. But, garden artistry does take time (and talent). You might just find garden design is your new favourite weekend hobby.

One reason to one Adelaide Hills real estate – become an outdoor entertainer

Zone your garden

Think about how you’re currently using your backyard. Are there certain ways you’d like to enjoy it? Consider zoning your garden, so there are different areas you can walk around and make use of. Create ‘outdoor rooms’, where you can go for a coffee or wine, sit in the sun, grow produce, and entertain.

Consider function and aesthetics 

Introduce focal points of interest around your garden, with a path that leads to mounted flowerbeds, an outdoor dining space, washing line and storage shed. Installing paving that you can follow will add visual intrigue, as well as guide you around the space.

What’s your style?

Speaking of visual appeal, is there a certain theme you like? Tropical or contemporary? Mediterranean or desert-style? Once you know your style (which might be an extension of your interior), it’s easier to research plants, furniture and finishing touches.

If you have an affinity for Spanish or Mayan influences, you’ll favour strong colours for both your plants and decorative features. Courtyards and water features against natural sunlight will reflect this theme best.

As you’re creating your garden, it’s important to be honest with yourself about whether you have the time to maintain it (or not). It’s best to talk to your local garden centre and discuss your space, style, and how much time you plan to invest in upkeep on your Adelaide Hills property.

Your garden is an important (and often underrated) part of the home. If you’ve outgrown your backyard or you’d like to see what other options you have, explore Adelaide Hills real estate options.