Answer these questions if you’re considering selling a house.

Just like buying property, there isn’t that one hot month where homeowners hammer the ‘for sale’ sign on their front lawn. While there are better months than others to sell a house, it’s more of a personal journey than most assume. 

Is your family ready to sell the Adelaide Hills property?
Instead of getting caught up in trends and forecasts, sell when it’s good for you.

Use these numbers as complementary information to help your decision-making, rather the sole reason. Ultimately, you should determine the best time to sell your home. Are you ready to sell now? Great – reach out to our real estate agents.

It’s equally okay if you want to (or can) wait for the market to spike. Learning about statistics like the 1.9% fall in value on Australia’s housing market might drive you to hang on your investment longer, even if you’re ready.

As real estate professionals, we suggest partnering with a team like ours, so you can rely on proven, personal advice rather than on nation-wide averages. Again, it’s about your family’s needs dictating when you sell your property, instead of trying to time the market.

Property for sale Adelaide Hills prices

As much as possible, of course but, what is your bottom line is? Do your research and be realistic. This is where market trends are useful. What’s the demand for a property like yours? You can begin your research by looking checking median house prices (by suburb), hiring a property valuer, and having a local team like ours estimate the price.

Are you emotionally prepared?

It’s easy to get preoccupied with potential sale prices before we ask the all-important question, are we emotionally ready to do this? Not only leaving the house you’ve built so many memories in, but making time (and mental room) to physically prepare it for sale and fix any damages. And then there’s having potential buyers scope it out from the street before they flock to open inspections. It’s all part of putting your house on the market, so make sure you can invest the time.

There’s no more telling factor that your own personal situation. Selling a house doesn’t always lead to upgrades and bigger mortgages. You might be putting your house on the market to relocate or downsize.

Time is your most valuable asset. Once you realise this, you can work with the property market, not guess against it.

If you’ve thought about these questions and want to find out how much your house is worth, book a free property value estimate. While we encourage you to research your area, our appraisal will give you an exact figure so you can decide on your next steps.

Going once, going twice… or maybe not going, after all.