How to prepare your family to sell your house.

Putting your property up for sale in the Adelaide Hills could take months, maybe years. This is difficult for everyone, but especially families with children. You might be in limbo, between two homes. Or, you could still be looking for the next house, not knowing where you’ll settle. 

No matter what your situation is, give yourself plenty of time to prepare, both logistically and emotionally. You can never have too much time.
There are things you can do to get your home in the best position, pre-sale. A spring clean, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, replacing old fixtures and fittings, and rearranging your furniture, and investing in your curb appeal.

But every home is different and you’ll get a feel for how much work needs to be done. What we’re really interested in (and the part of selling a house that gets overlooked) is getting your family ready.

The Adelaide Hills house for sale process – strategies & considerations

Tips for selling your house, when you have kids.

Research the cost of selling a house and you’ll only see it from a monetary perspective. While moving house marks a new beginning, it also the end of a chapter – and requires your family to say goodbye to the house, neighbours, and the community. This can be challenging if your kids play sport locally and have formed bonds with friends close by.

Involve the kids in the moving process

A child’s home is their world. It’s all they know. Take the time to explain to them why you’re moving house and paint a positive picture – discussing new opportunities that they’ll have, like joining a swimming centre. Give them responsibilities in the lead-up to the move, so they feel a part of it. You can make this process fun. Stay positive too, because kids pick up on your nervous energy.

Consider the time you move

While it’s not always easy to pre-plan the week you’ll move, do your best to keep everyone’s schedule in mind. If you have teenage children, can you coordinate it with their school holidays? Is your partner busy at work? How is everyone, emotionally?

Maintain old routines

Unfamiliarity can lead to frustration, especially for young kids who can’t express their emotions yet. Being religious about routine will help ground your family, as you navigate the unknown.

Be realistic & give yourself time to adjust

If you’re not moving too far away, the kids will probably stay in the same school (and you in the same job role). Yet, as with any relocating, regardless of the distance, there’s always an adjustment period. Give yourself a couple of weeks to experiment how long it takes to get places, from your new home.

If you’re thinking about putting up your property for sale in the Adelaide Hills, we can support you through the entire process. Get in touch with our team of real estate agents as early as possible, because the planning start well before you put up the for-sale sign.