How to maximise the house you have, when you’re not ready to move or renovate

You adore your house now, as much as the day you moved in – but there are always things you want to do to it to make it more ‘you.’ While your mind can jump straight to extravagant renovations and DIY home improvement projects, there are ways to make changes without spending hundreds.

Get creative and make the most out of the space you have with these interior design ideas. These space-saving tips might come in handy in the future if you move into a small space.

Improve your Adelaide Hills property

1. Decorative clutter

We all have household clutter, so why not get creative about the way you display or store it? You can make any item more attractive with a little thought behind it. Organise your books by size or colour and invest in tasteful storage baskets that look great on display. Got old vinyl records and other paraphernalia? Bring them out of storage as ‘book holders’ or in other organised ways.

2. Think up (not out)

When designing your space, all too often we forget about all the walls. See how you can customise your space to maximise both storage and display potential. Instead of packing your kitchen cupboards with pots, pans and utensils, add hooks to the wall and hang them.

3. Open shelving

Just like open closets work, so does exposed shelving. This is perfect in living rooms, if you organise items well (by type, size and colour). This will create a uniform colour palette. Make use of partitions, if you’re looking to ‘create’ rooms.

4. Think twice about large items

Many of us have big kitchen tables, but do they really need to be this size? Look for opportunities to create extra space. Replace that giant table with a smaller, round one and you’ll see what we mean. The same goes for your TV. Instead of taking up a corner in your living room, mount it on the wall.

5. Create zones

Do some brainstorming and think about all the things you do in your house. You’ll have areas to sleep, eat, relax, work, and exercise. This is where your partitions could come in handy, as you ‘create’ the zones.

Just because you’re not living in a tiny apartment doesn’t mean you can’t optimise every space in your house. ‘Own’ every room and be intentional about how you treat it. And don’t be afraid to let the design evolve.

If you find you’ve simply outgrown your place, talk to us about putting up your house for sale in the Adelaide Hills. Our real estate agents can help guide your next move. Start with arranging a real estate property value report.