How to emotionally move out (when you’re selling your house)

So, you’ve decided to sell your family home. Maybe it’s the first house you ever lived in with your partner. The house where you welcomed your children. It’s more than just a physical home…

That door frame where you measure your little one’s height, every year. That tree everyone in the family sits under in the summer. That big, sun-drenched lounge room where you opened presents at Christmas.

There’s a lot of memories within those walls. It’s not a matter of simply moving onto the next house, for whatever reason. Putting up your house for sale in the Adelaide Hills is an emotional move just as much as it is practical. And it takes some preparation, especially if you’ve been in a home for years or decades.

There’s no lack of information about to selling your home or putting your Adelaide Hills property on the market. All of this information is useful, but it needs to be balanced with the emotional transition – an equally important part of selling your house (and moving into a new one).

Let’s go through a few points, touching on the emotional side.

The side of real estate people don’t talk about

Don’t display pieces that have emotional value. Spend time ‘dressing to impress.’ It might be hard for your prospective buyers to see past all of your ‘stuff.’ And, it’s equally as difficult to watch strangers walk through, judging your house, with all your items where they’ve been for years. That’s the time to pack up those little items that you’ve added and tell yourself ‘I’ll find a place for them in our new house.’

Plan your last supper! It might sound silly but arranging one last big family dinner where you ‘say your goodbyes’ can be beneficial. Remind each other that you created those family traditions. And you can redefine them (and make them better) at the new house.

Accept that it’s okay to feel sad. But don’t linger, look ahead. Don’t feel guilty or bad because you’re upset. Let yourself feel it, process the sadness, and start the fun part – planning the new space. And you know what this means ladies? Decorating. You’re not just selling a home. At the same time, you’re searching for a new one, too.

Partner with a real estate agency who understands and plans for the emotional side of a big move. Talk to us about putting up your Adelaide Hills house for sale. We can also help you find a rental or new home to buy. It’s a dual sell-buy or sell-rent strategy.