Property Management

First-time landlord with no experience? Follow these tips.

While owning real estate in the Adelaide Hills is one of the most exciting milestones you can reach, there’s a big difference between living in the house vs. renting it out. 

Of course, you don’t have to deal with tenants when you’re occupying the property. But as the landlord, it’s important to understand a few important things, especially if this is your first landlord-tenant relationship. It doesn’t need to be daunting, especially if you’ve prepared yourself for this exciting journey.

The first-time landlord checklist

Here are some of the first things you should consider – tips from our experienced property managers.

1. The local tenancy laws

Spend the time learning the rules and regulations of South Australia. Understand your tenant’s position when leasing your property because, as the landlord, you have a number of responsibilities (before, during and after) the tenancy. Make sure you’re familiar with these guidelines.

2. Do the numbers

It’s critical to set the rent at a level where you’ll be able to attract (and keep) your tenant, while maximising your rental return. Do your research and see what other properties in the areas are charging. Take into consideration factors like size, age, location, amenities and competitive rental rates in your Adelaide Hills suburb.

3. Market effectively

Avoid long vacancy rates by marketing your property intelligently. There’s plenty of ways to do this but many of the popular websites are only accessible by registered real estate agents. Consider partnering with property marketing team to help position your property (and place it in front of the right people).

4. Screen your tenants

While it feels great to have found a potential tenant (especially if your investment property was on the market for months), don’t rush this part. Before you offer them a contract, complete background and credit checks.

5. Stay organised

Once you’ve chosen your tenant and prepared the agreement, ensure you’re keeping a record all of revenue and expenses for tax purposes. You’ll need to declare your rental income to the tax office. There’s other things that you’ll need to check off your list such as landlord insurance and knowing if and when you plan to increase the rent.

If you’d prefer a local team of experts to manage your Adelaide Hills rental, contact us. Nitschke’s property managers take care of hundreds of rentals in suburbs such as Mount Barker, Littlehampton, Strathalbyn, and beyond.

Book an appointment with our property management team. We understand South Australia’s tenancy laws, property marketing, responding to maintenance issues and following up on late payments. As a first-time landlord, a property manager will help you sleep at night, knowing your investment is in good hands. Your property manager is tax deductable, too.