How long does it take to sell a house in the Adelaide Hills?

There are two sides of the house sale coin – buying and selling. Both situations are exciting, overwhelming and require a lot from you, physically and emotionally. Let’s say you’ve made the choice to put your Adelaide Hills property on the market. You’ve probably got a million questions floating in your mind, the first being: how long does it actually take?

A hot time to put your house for sale

Many things need to transpire between ‘I want to sell my house’ and handover. Being a seller’s market right now, the process is happening faster than ever. But, as we like to say at Nitschke, Murphy’s law is undefeated.

To contract:

Granted there is no outstanding maintenance to be completed, once it’s photographed, your house can be on the market within 24-48 hours – and ready to be seen by thousands of warm buyers registered with us, who are looking to buy a house for sale in the Adelaide Hills region.

A lot of off-market work can happen in the background before it’s listed, too. But on average, expect a one to two-day turnaround, post-photoshoot.

On the market:

In the current heated market, properties are averaging 14 to 21 days for sale. We’re seeing more attendees at auctions and multiple offers, above the asking price.

The finance:

The longest part of the process is waiting for banks to issue approvals. While this part historically takes time, it’s become the bottleneck of the sale. Even if your buyer has been informed by their broker that everything is ready to go, the banks can hold up the process. The paperwork can sit in the queue for three to five weeks. 

However, if your buyer is organised, pre-approved and responsive to the broker’s requests, you should be looking at two to three weeks to approve the finance.

The settlement:

Finally, settlement is the next step, which can take as little as seven days, but in most cases, expect a 14-21 day window from the point of unconditional. There’s the conveyancer, the lenders, and everything else in between that needs to happen for the transfer of ownership.

Expect a three-month selling runway

Of course, there are variations to this, but once your property’s ready for photos, it’s realistic to expect the sale to take approximately three months – 21 days for contract, 21 days for finance, and another 21 days for settlement.

As long as the property is presented well, you work with experienced Adelaide Hills real estate agents and maintain a realistic outlook on the process and pricing, three months is a good number to strive for.

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