How we find the perfect tenant for your house for rent

As property managers, it’s our job to make sure you have the most suitable tenants in your Adelaide Hills home. And in the current market, this can happen faster than you might expect – if all goes well, in just over a week. 

While things move fast, it’s important that we get every step right, as these are the people who will call your house their home. It needs to be the right fit. As the property agents, think of us as the mediators, negotiators, organisers and managers. Both you, as the landlord, and the possible tenants go through us as your intermediary.

Unpacking the property management strategy

Preparing the listing

Once you’ve decided to find tenants for your Adelaide Hills property and we’ve met you, we focus on two elements to get your listing up: professional photography and the description. All of our properties go live on Tuesdays, usually 3.5 weeks from when it’s available. Listings always have an open time scheduled, so possible tenants can register as soon as they see the viewing times.

The inspections 

The most popular time for viewing for a house for rent is at the later part of the day, usually 5.00 – 5.30pm. This captures people who work full-time and can’t get away during the day, as well as those relocating from other areas, like the city (a trend we’ve seen spike since the pandemic).

Right now, our property management agents see between 10-20 groups in 20-minute blocks. 80% usually go on to apply and we encourage people who love the property to do so within 24 hours. The market is simply that competitive.

Vetting the applicants

With all applications processed online, it’s over to our team to filter through and process them. Being property specialists, we know what to look for – rental history, employment, recommendations, lifestyle preferences etc.

We then take our honed list of top applicants back to the you, the landlord. Ultimately, the choice is up to you but it’s our role as your real estate agents to guide your decision and give reasons why each person would be suitable. In other words, we know your applicants well.

We’ll give you a precursory phone call to go through your prospective tenants, so you can start to think about your options before you receive the email. You, as the landlord, will also want to move fast on this, as tenants are applying for various properties. If you like someone, don’t sit on your preference for too long.

The ingoing inspection, agreement, bond & keys

Let’s say you choose your tenant by Friday afternoon. We can organise the three-hour ingoing inspection, lease agreement, bond and two weeks rent, so the tenant can be in the house by the following Wednesday.

There might be some bottlenecks at this final stage, if the chosen tenant has to give notice to their current landlord or is waiting on a house settlement. It’s our role as property managers to negotiate for you both, so there’s two happy campers at the end of this fast, exciting journey.

Are you thinking of renting your Adelaide Hills home? Our friendly real estate agents will help find the best tenants who are happy to pay your desired wealth-building rental income. Call us on 8391 5004 or use this contact form.