Don’t wait until spring to sell. Leverage the strongest market, now.

It’s no surprise that sellers wait until spring, in a usual market. But, right now, we’re in the strongest selling market that our real estate agents have ever seen in the Adelaide Hills.

There’s a strong appetite for buyers to purchase a new home, relocate, upgrade or enter our lovely region. Although, prices can’t keep rising forever, if you’ve decided to sell your home in 2021, there’s no need to wait until spring.

Over the long weekend just passed, for example, there was only 23 open houses scheduled across the entire Adelaide Hills region. There are countless high-quality buyers right now, looking to secure a great house for sale in the Adelaide Hills that’s just like yours.

“But what if my property isn’t ready yet?”

Even as real estate agents, we can’t predict what the market will do. Right now, it remains the strongest performer (in modern history). This is why we recommend bringing your sale plans forward, from spring to now.
Don’t worry if your property isn’t ready for sale. Our team can help put together a pre-sale plan with everything you need to do (and avoid) to get your house ready for this hungry market.

This includes engaging a property inspector to ensure there are no structural problems that might cause future sale roadblocks. With the yo-yo lockdowns and restrictions in other places like Victoria, it’s good to have all this information ready for potential buyers (as you never know where they’re located).

Another part of the property plan is finance. If you’re buying and selling during this time, you’ll experience the best and worst extremes of the current market. So, working alongside a finance team (such as our neighbours at Homeward Finance) is critical. Reach out our real estate agents and we’ll connect you to the best brokers in the Hills.

There’s lots of ways to approach the selling process

A lot of sellers will have the same idea, waiting until spring to put up the for-sale sign. But why would you wait, when the inventory is low and the demand is high?

Our team of real estate agents have helped Adelaide Hills buyers create better conditions, such as negotiating a six-month settlement to allow sufficient time to enter the market as a purchaser or renter. It’s worth considering what your house could go for on the market with the demand for property for sale in the Adelaide Hills, as well as houses for rent.

If you’ve decided to sell your home in the Adelaide Hills or Fleurieu Peninsula, let’s start by discussing your goals and ideal situation. With your house likely to sell on or above your asking price in current conditions, it’s our focus to create the best scenario for your family’s needs.

Lean into this historically high selling market, now. Get in touch to talk with our Adelaide Hills real estate agents.