Video is essential to selling a property in 2021. Here’s why.

Photography and words will always be part of the property marketing mix, but there’s nothing quite like the delivery of a professional video – and for a whole lot less than it used to cost. Better still, you don’t need to have a mansion, either. This strategy can be used for any house for sale Adelaide Hills campaigns.

A buyer pool for every house

If you’re thinking, ‘but I don’t know if my house is good enough’ or ‘there’s just not a lot to talk about’, remember there’s an audience for every type of Adelaide Hills property. Whether you’re selling a small two-bedroom unit, a farm or a lifestyle property in the Adelaide Hills, video gives you the emotive platform to talk about why you loved this home.

Showcase your favourite features, talk about why the location is desirable, and tell a story about life in this house. Capture the atmosphere so the prospects can get a feel for what’s possible for them, living there. With the affordable cost of a property video (between $200-400), we recommend every homeowner invest in it.

People are buying from afar

Consumer behaviour has changed in the past 12 months, with all the lockdowns and uncertainty. A property video is an essential part of a social media campaign, especially today with more people putting in offers from a distance. 

With the yo-yo lockdowns and different states still facing their own challenges, a video will take prospects through a property, giving them a good sense of the space, street, and even suburb. You never know where your buyers are coming from – and as we’ve seen, more people are moving to regional areas. The ‘tree change’ is a significant trend that shows all signs of continuing, well into the future.

By 2040, the council expects Mount Barker’s population to balloon to 40,000, making it the second largest city in South Australia. But the area’s ‘tree change’ appeal, and resulting population boom, is also enhancing the attraction of neighbouring towns such as Meadows, Nairne, Littlehampton, Hahndorf, Echunga, and Macclesfield. More people from other regions are looking for a house for sale in the Adelaide Hills.

Sell your home with video

A professional property video is a great asset and defence in this exciting, yet fast-changing market. You might pick up an extra couple of prospects, as well position your property in the best light for that family who click with the video.

Get in touch with our team of real estate agents in the Adelaide Hills to discuss how video can help connect, engage, and sell your house. Let’s help prospects see (and feel) what you do.