Property Management

Proactive vs. reactive maintenance: Advice from Adelaide Hills property managers.

It’s good to know the different types of maintenance for those looking for a house for rent. There will be proactive and reactive maintenance. With proactive maintenance, tenants get to enjoy the updates and don’t have to worry about their lease getting renewed due to renovations. As Maddy Nitschke, our Director of Property Management says, it’s a collaborative, win-win approach.

The different types of property maintenance

Proactive maintenance isn’t touched on enough in the industry. These are the things that could go wrong but ongoing improvements to the property manage it. For example, updates to the flooring or paintwork on an Adelaide Hills rental.

Reactive maintenance, as the name suggests, are the emergency jobs. The broken hot water system, for example. The tenant usually reports these urgent maintenance issues. Both types of maintenance are critical and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Property inspections are valuable for both landlords and tenants

According to Maddy, property managers don’t just conduct quarterly home inspections in the Adelaide Hills to check for cleanliness. It’s also a great time to identify all the proactive maintenance opportunities.

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, the life expectancy of flooring and paintwork is seven years. Beyond this, conducting detailed inspections helps us foresee any future issues. For example, a large crack in a cement pathway can cause the ground to move (and become a tripping hazard).

Overgrown trees and branches, common in the Adelaide Hills, can lead to a roof leak. Minor issues can become major structural problems. Proactive maintenance isn’t just about saving money in the long-term. It’s also a way to improve safety in the house.

Dedicated maintenance support for an investment property

Nikita handles all the maintenance for Nitschke’s property management portfolio. As well as supporting the property managers, Nikita responds to maintenance requests (proactive and reactive) in a timely manner. She coordinates with landlords, tenants and tradespeople to ensure a seamless service between all parties.

The Nitschke team view maintenance as a beneficial activity for all. Landlords know their property is looked after and that tenants enjoy a safer home with new updates. It’s about all working together to make these improvements and reach the best outcome – a house that a landlord’s proud to own and a tenant’s happy to live in.

Are you in the process of buying a house for sale in the Adelaide Hills to use as an investment property? Maybe you’re already an owner but considering switching your property manager. Maddy heads our property agents and is more than happy to discuss your needs, offer advice, and help problem solve any issues. Get in touch for all your property-related questions.