Property Management

Ingoing, routine & vacate house inspections protect your investment. Here’s why.

You own a rental property in the Adelaide Hills. And with the help of your management team, are welcoming a new tenant. The keys are ready for handover. What’s next? 

The all-important, ingoing property inspection

Property managers know the ingoing inspection report is the bread and butter for your tenancy. It’s designed to document every inch of your property – the walls, flooring, rooms, and every kitchen appliance. The report goes through room by room, with notes and photos (usually between 300-500).

The ingoing inspection documents the condition of your property at handover, so the tenant knows how you expect to get it back, once they vacate your Adelaide Hills property. This report will avoid any confusion, miscommunication, and issues down the track – which can be years, and even decades, later.

After completing the ingoing inspection, our property managers will provide two copies of the report to your new tenant. From here, they have two weeks to return the document to our office and we encourage them to add their version of events in it. The ingoing inspection report lives on file electronically, until we need it.

The routine inspections

Of course, during the life of a lease, our property managers catch up with tenants every 12-13 weeks for a routine inspection. This is to benefit both the landlord and occupants, to get on top of any maintenance, repairs or restorations, before they become issues. It’s not just to check the house is kept clean and tidy.

In the routine inspection reports for your Adelaide Hills rental, you can expect suggestions like ‘bedroom three might benefit from a repaint’ or ‘the gutters are starting to overflow’. It’s our role, as your property manager, to be across everything and ensure your house is looked after.

If we flag an issue or opportunity (that’ll save you money down the track), we’ll add it into the report and give you a call to let you know it’s on our radar, moving forward. A minor touch-up to a water tank might give you an extra three to five years of service. It’s this type of strategic advice that you can expect from routine inspections. 

These routine inspections are also a valuable time for tenants to voice any concerns and let us know how it’s all going. 

The vacate inspection

The ingoing inspection is dusted off and used as the point of reference to judge the state of the house, when the tenant leaves. This vacate inspection report is as comprehensive as the first, with plenty of photos to support each point of reference. It avoids any discrepancies so, as a landlord, you know you’re covered (and conversations can take place with the tenant to get it back to its original state, if necessary).

As the property managers for your Adelaide Hills rental, it’s our job to be that set of eyes (and ears) for you. We handle all three types of inspections and take pride in ensuring you and your tenants are satisfied.

If you’re thinking of selling and renting out your home in the Adelaide Hills (or have been managing it yourself and struggling to keep on top of the maintenance and inspections), we’re here for you. Get in touch with our friendly, experienced property managers on 8391 5004. Let owning a property be a joy, not a job.