Here’s what to look for in an open house inspection (especially when competition is high).

With the market as competitive as it is right now, it’s important to approach open house inspections strategically. And while the aroma of candles and stylish decors invite you to start dreaming of your family in the home, let these tips help keep you grounded (and give you the best chance of success). 

Take notes about the Adelaide Hills property 

As real estate agents, we tell our clients that house inspections are like wine tours in the Adelaide Hills. After visiting three or four properties, the details start to blur. The best way to overcome this is to take notes, whichever way you feel most comfortable.
Download the app and leave your comments there. Use the Notes app on your phone or write on the brochure the agent provides. Be as specific as you can because little details can become big issues when reviewing multiple houses for sale in the Adelaide Hills.

Explore the Adelaide Hills suburb

Add some buffer time into your visit and check out the locale. Where you look for a house for sale in the Adelaide Hills has a big influence on its potential to increase in value over time, as well as your liveability.

Ponder on the lifestyle you envision and the personality of the community. Take note on the surrounding properties. Are they presented well? Are they looked after? What feel does the community instil in you? What would life be like if you lived there?

Inspect the property at different times

While this isn’t always possible in the current fast-moving market, visit the property at different times of the day. If you saw it in the morning, plan a private viewing at night. Keep in mind how the house is affected by different weather and how the light hits at various hours. Time the drive during peak hours and on weekends, to get a feel for how traffic changes your daily routes. Tour Adelaide Hills real estate on your weekend adventures.

Check for work to be done

Take note of what maintenance might need to be done. Is something covered up during the showing? Does the drainage seem okay and where’s the water going? Have a look at the perimeter of the property and any other basic details to help you make an informed decision about the quality of the house.

Focus on how the house feels

You probably won’t need to remember to do this. It’ll happen naturally, as you wander through the property. But, keep the atmosphere front and centre, during the inspection.

How does the property feel? What rooms get the most light? Are there specific sounds or smells? What’s the atmosphere of the house? Is the backyard north-facing? Look with a critical view, as details such as light will affect both your day-to-day life and your heating and cooling energy needs.

Listen to your fellow buyers

Pay attention to what the other buyers are saying. This is a great way to not only learn about the property, but get a feel for what people are asking, interested in, and essentially looking for in their future home. This understanding of the market will help give you a strategic advantage.

Our team of real estate agents are here to help you find and settle in your dream Adelaide Hills home. In this exciting, fast market we find ourselves in, it’s important to have experienced, professional real estate agents in your court as you look for houses for sale across the stunning Adelaide Hills. Call us on 8391 5004 or visit our ‘home’, on Gawler Street in Mount Barker.