Introducing, Adelaide Hills Building Inspections.

Buying a house might only be something you do once or twice in your lifetime. As real estate agents in the Adelaide Hills, we see how exciting this chapter is first-hand, and how easy it is to focus on the fun parts of securing that dream home – the suburb, the big backyard, the perfect décor.

While all these facets are important, there’s one part of buying a house in the Adelaide Hills that should be prioritised: the building inspection. And there’s no better person in the Adelaide Hills than David Holtham.

Meet David Holtham, from Adelaide Hills Building Inspections

David comes from a construction background (civil and commercial), with decades of experience working on mining sites, bridges, townhouse developments, and shopping blocks. He’s also a thought leader and educator in investing in property.

After working alongside industry talent at Jim’s Building Inspections, David started Adelaide Hills Building Inspections. He covers specialist areas such as asbestos and dilapidation reports, but his main service is supporting families who are looking to buy or build a house. David “keeps builders honest” and gives buyers peace of mind that their future home won’t require extensive repairs.

Validating the integrity of your house 

Buying an Adelaide Hills property isn’t an everyday transaction (and we’re usually talking about half a million dollars). According to David’s numbers, 3% of the houses he sees have significant issues. 0.5% have catastrophic damage. While it might seem like there’s a low likelihood of having issues, in David’s words, “imagine if that house is the one you buy.”

“Not every house is a disaster” but we, as real estate agents, always encourage our clients to invest in a building inspection. It’s an opportunity to do a ‘health check’ and get a full picture of the state of the house. Little issues can become big problems, especially if you don’t know they exist. Shower damp is a good example. It can be indicative of termites or plumbing leaks and can lead to a full makeover. Quite often, these issues can be repaired early on at fraction of the cost.

David says, his building inspection process isn’t about giving you a huge list of issues, leaving you feeling disempowered. He speaks in terms of the impact of liveability, helping put things into perspective. The value of his building reports also lies in the future maintenance and predictions, that’ll help you proactively avoid issues with real estate in the Adelaide Hills.

If you’re looking for houses for sale in the Adelaide Hills, before putting down an offer David can provide a full building inspection report, so you can act fast (which is important, especially in the current market). If you’re planning to sell your house, engage David to complete an inspection before you go to market.

You can get in touch with David, to arrange a building inspection in the Adelaide Hills. And for all your property questions, our family of real estate agents are here for you.