Introducing, Homeward Finance. The final piece to your Adelaide Hills home ownership journey.

There’s one extremely important part of the home ownership journey, that without it, no sale can occur. The finance. It’s easy to get consumed with your favourite suburbs and that dream Adelaide Hills property, you jump straight to visualising what your life would be like there.

But your financing step is a side of real estate that demands time and energy. While it might feel like the stage that’s overwhelming, when you partner with the right finance team, it’s empowering. And, you might just find you enjoy this part of the process.

Meet Troy Raymond, Mortgage Advisor at Homeward Finance

Nitshke has been working with Homeward Finance for many years, and in particular, Troy Raymond. He’s spent 18 years in the finance industry, 15 of which, was with Bank SA. Inspired by then Managing Director Steve Villios’ stellar reputation in the Adelaide Hills, Troy joined Homeward Finance.

Troy’s transition into becoming a broker opened his eyes to the many products and solutions that are available for prospective homeowners. Homeward Finance deals with over 60 lenders, which allows Troy to cast the net far and wide when searching for the perfect offering for his clients.

While you might feel a sense of loyalty to going with or coming back to your bank, Troy advises this is a common misconception. Working with a broker provides more choice. While the big four banks have their own products, often they’re variations of a similar offering.

As a Mortgage Advisor for real estate in the Adelaide Hills, Troy’s always working for the best interest of his clients. This means not only working with you to unearth the best product or solution for your needs, but ensure that it suits you in two, five, ten years and beyond. With Homeward Finance, it’s not just a single transaction. The team regularly follow up with their clients and are with them for the life of the loan.

Work with another Adelaide Hills family

Troy and his family, like many others, fell in love with the Adelaide Hills. For him, it’s a privilege to be able to support families and individuals, making their dream lifestyle in an Adelaide Hills property happen.

If you’re looking for a finance company in the Adelaide Hills who start from an integrity-first standpoint and work with your goals front and centre, speak to Troy and the team at Homeward Finance.

They’re located a few steps away from us, at 11 Gawler Street Mount Barker. It doesn’t get more convenient than that – your real estate agents and finance team, on the same street in the Adelaide Hills.
Online, Homeward Finance lives here.