Discover 5 trends for new home builds, from the experts.

Spending your weekend perusing display homes? There’s just something extra special about seeing your house come together, one brick after another. 

Even if you’re building a new Adelaide Hills property with specifications pre-set, you always have room to inject your personality into it. This isn’t a list about must-haves when building a new home.

Instead, we’re going to touch on the home building tends of this year, particularly for those of you reading who are just beginning this exciting journey. One theme connects all these emerging trends – ethical products, conscious living.

Dream build Adelaide Hills – low impact, inspired living

Have you thought about any of these five new home build features? Consider this if you’re starting your real estate Adelaide Hills journey.

1. Bricks

They’ve morphed from ‘building material’ to ‘style statement’ in recent years. You can buy bricks with a glazed face, matte texture or go strikingly simple, with a classic exposed-brick wall. You’re not limited to browns anymore, either. There’s black, green, blue… pink, even. Fellas, don’t tell your ladies unless you’re ready for a hot-pink bedroom.

2. Roofing materials

The same can be said for your roof. You can finish it with matte or experiment with new colours. Neutral hues with a zinc-like result is all the rage right now. Another exciting realm is tiles with solar capabilities. Ask your builder about this one.

3. Lightweight construction materials

Exterior cladding and weatherboards are ‘in’ right now, for their strength and simplicity to install (passing the savings onto you). Weatherboard, for example, introduces deep, contemporary shadow lines. And because they’re timber-free, you don’t need to worry about moisture and (regular) maintenance.

4. Acoustic construction materials

As life gets busier and our homes become our quiet refuge, acoustic qualities matter. If you work from home, have living spaces connected to bedrooms or simply love silent nooks, consider the building materials in the design.

5. Big glass windows

Are you like us, who adorningly gaze out your sun-drenched windows? Thankfully, modern glass lets you do this… while blocking out extreme temperatures, heat, noise, and intruders. Yep, those dreamy floor-to-ceiling windows are a thing.

Everyone has their own idea of a new, dream house. Let your builder guide you, as much as your intuition, design-wise. And if you’re looking for land between the Adelaide Hills to Fleurieu Peninsula, our family of real estate agents is here to help yours.