Property Management

Why hiring an Adelaide Hills property manager can maximise your investment.

Like with all investments, your overarching goal is to build wealth. It’s a long-term game, particularly with property. This is why it’s great to have, what we like to call, ‘investment advocates,’ like property managers. 

So, why use a property manager? Let’s find out.

Professional property management is a good investment

Grow your property’s rental returns

Property managers understand how to increase rental returns – something that will fluctuate over the life of your investment. Your rental returns are an essential KPI for judging how well your property is working.

Achieving this requires ongoing attention – to reduce vacancy rates, make sure tenants are happy, recommend maintenance (that’s cost-effective to you), and setting the rent at market price… taking any guesswork out of important decisions about your portfolio.

Tax know-how

Property management companies help make tax time easier. It’s not always easy to plan around the timing of expenses, so there’s maximum benefits when you do your tax. Having a property manager is most useful at this time of year, as you reflect on your portfolio and explore benefits you might not know about.

Community connections & insights

The best property managers and real estate agents are local experts, like Nitschke in the Adelaide Hills. Localised managers will know affordable suppliers for repairs, the way the community operates and the people who give it an identity.

The success of your investment property goes beyond securing it for a good price and collecting monthly rent. Ultimately, your property manager is working for you. Discuss your investment goals and future plans. It’s your property manager’s job to search for new opportunities to help you get there, faster.

Great tenant-landlord relationships

We understand, you’re busy managing the house you live in, but your tenants expect to feel like they’re cared for and heard, especially in an emergency. This is hard to do, when you’ve got your hands full with a family and house of your own. A property manager is that necessary bridge between you and your tenants.

And when do they know they can rely on you, there’s mutual trust and understanding. Property managers take care of the necessary updates, but go that one-step further to support tenants, in whatever they need.

Real estate is long-term

Looking for an Adelaide Hills property management team? We represent owners from the Hills to Fleurieu Peninsula. Leave your investment in our hands – from your family to ours. With our boutique, personal approach, you’ll never have to jump between team members to get your questions answered.

Reduce headaches, focus on the house you live in, and grow your wealth at the same time, with a team who lives and breathes the Adelaide Hills property market. For all your Adelaide Hills real estate queries, reach out.