7 DIY tasks around the home to keep you busy in isolation.

Think about all the tasks within your Adelaide Hills property that you ‘haven’t had time’ for. Start here, with a list of your most important DIY jobs. Did a friend suggest an update on a recent visit? Dip back into that mental repository of ideas and see what calls you, now. Play re-runs of home improvement shows for inspiration.

Sit in each room and ponder at what you can do to improve it. Consider an overall look or vibe that you’re trying to evoke in your house? Now that you’re home 24/7, it’s even more important to keep the energy indoors, alive.

Fun stay-at-home projects to improve your Adelaide Hills property

1. Paint the walls & old furniture

A simple paint job can go a long way to refreshing the mood. Lighten your walls, remove the scuff marks, and fill in picture hook holes. Beyond the walls, consider adding pops of colour around the house by painting old pieces of furniture or highlighting a feature wall. Is there a wooden chair you can transform with a vintage mustard tone?

2. Condition your furniture

Yes, we should complete this one often, but it’s a task that isn’t exactly ‘sexy.’ Order conditioning products and bring that old wooden table back to life. Use it on all dry wood furniture. This is a great resource for ‘buffing’ that leather couch. Wooden windowsills, frames, doors and skirting boards would love an oiling, too.

3. Varnish floorboards, update carpet

Your floors are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Inspect them to see if they need to be refreshed or replaced. Is there are carpet in the living area, but you’d prefer going back to bare floorboards or, if you have a slab, floating timber flooring? Use this time to update down there. Like walls, refreshing your floors will have a dramatic impact.

4. Move the rooms around

Create a whole new look, without adding or removing anything. Can you switch the sofa to a different corner? The kitchen table to a spot, so it doubles as an ‘office’ nook? Scatter the lounge room cushions into the living room, for more colour? Small adjustments to the floor layout can introduce a new ambience.

5. Replace handles, fix cabinets

Do you have that odd kitchen or bathroom cabinet that looks out of place or won’t close properly. Pull out your toolkit and tighten loose screws. If the cabinetry is old, consider replacing the handles. You can do the same with benchtops and tapware.

6. Re-dress your windows

If you’ve had your curtains or blinds for years, consider swapping them for a new colour, style or finish. Don’t throw the old ones, as you can repurpose them later. As we’re going into autumn, consider a navy blue, auburn or dark green. 

7. Begin (or grow) your garden

This time is reminding us of the importance of self-sustainability. Instead of buying your vegetables and herbs at the supermarket, grow them in your backyard. It’s multi-beneficial too, as it’s decorative, saves you money and is therapeutic. Learn about how to start a garden.

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