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10 creative activities to entertain the kids, in isolation.

Will there ever be a moment in time where the family is at home for weeks (or months) on end? When was the last time you thought, I miss the kids. I’m working too much.

There might not ever be an opportunity again to watch your children learn, in such an intimate way. Be patient with them, soak up this unique time, and foster some amazing new hobbies and routines, as a family.
And, if you’re stuck for things to do in-iso, this list of iso-learning ideas will engage a new energy in your Adelaide Hills property.

Activities for kids in the Adelaide Hills

1. Learn to cook sessions

Do your little ones hover around your feet whenever you’re cooking? Are they always asking questions or imitating you during playtime? Include them into your meal preparation with ‘learn how to cook’ classes. Pick a different recipe each night to entertain, inspire and teach them kitchen skills.

2. Board games, puzzles & cards 

Go back to basics and turn off all screens for some good old-fashioned family fun. Dust off your old games or go online and buy the classics. UNO and Dominoes are fun for all ages. Go online and find your favourites.

3. Make an indoor fort

When there’s imagination, a little amount of ‘equipment’ goes a long way. Bring out a spare bed sheet and create the ultimate ‘fort’ with the kids. Pull out the dining table and watch as they transform the space into a real-life storybook scene. They may want to camp the night there!

4. Create a veggie patch 

As a family, pick up garden supplies to dig a little patch (that they can help take care of). Show them photos of the fruits and vegetables that’s growing, or peg each seed packet next to each row, so they can visualise it. This helps them connect to nature, in the safety of your home. You’ll be grateful you live in a big Adelaide Hills property, not a tight space.

5. Earn $1 tasks 

You’re most likely working from home now, too. This adds a challenging layer on keeping the kids occupied, as you’ve got a job to do. Incentivise the kids with tasks and games where they can earn $1 (and give you space to get what you need to done). Making beds and cleaning bedrooms are just the start.

6. Get crafty!

Art is therapy and time-consuming (yay). The choice is endless with what you’d like to make, so ask them. You can make your own play dough, hand puppets (using old socks), bead jewellery, and rock monsters (painting rocks and sticking googly eyes on them). Crafting is best in the morning, when they’re alert and (hopefully) not cranky. 

7. Scavenger hunts

This one is a fun learning experience and helps burn off that unused energy. You can create the rules to make it work for your home, but here are some ideas:

  • Find something taller than you, then shorter than you
  • All things red
  • Items shaped like a circle.

This is a great resource for more inspiration. Put your feet up, relax and let the kiddies come to you with their ‘treasures.’

8. The mystery jar game

The element of surprise is a remedy for boredom. Everyday, get the kids to pull out a piece of paper from the jar and do that activity. For example, it could be ‘complete the dinosaur puzzle’ or ‘get a sweet treat from the cupboard.’ The mystery jar is an easy way to split up the mundane at home.

9. Live ‘story time’

Arrange a Zoom call with other families and all share a chapter of your favourite book. This helps keep the kids connected and social, even in isolation.

10. Exercise hour

Each morning, one family member gets to choose a workout. Is it ‘dance off with Alexa/Siri/Google Home? A YouTube yoga class? A walk around the block? Get your exercise sessions going and have fun ‘working’ it.

Embrace your ‘new normal’ with creativity. And, keep updated for the latest updates in how COVID-19 affects real estate and your home. If you have any specific real estate Adelaide Hills questions, reach out. From the Nitschke family to yours, we’re here for you.