5 ways to increase the value of your house.

Do you love House Rules? Secretly love perusing Bunnings and Ikea? You’ll probably have one of those ‘this is how I spend my weekends and I’m perfectly okay with it’ moments.  

Whether you’ve purchased a house that needs work or you simply can’t help making improvements to your home, take a break and enjoy the tips in this article.

If you search ‘how to increase the value of my house’, you’ll undoubtedly be inundated with DIY blogs – giving you advice to boost the value of your Adelaide Hills property. From simple, instant changes you can make, through to major structural updates that’ll occupy a few weekends.

But, we’re going to begin at the simple, beginner-friendly end of the spectrum with quick home improvements that increase value.

Adelaide Hills real estate home update tips

1. Small tweaks to the big spaces

Simple cosmetic changes to the kitchen and bathroom can make a world of difference to the feeling of walking in the room. Look for quick fixes, like replacing tapware, repairing surfaces, and professionally cleaning floors.

2. Don’t ignore your street appeal

Home value isn’t just within the four walls. Think about the outskirts of your property. Remove old plants, high-pressure clean driveways, and add pops of colours with your favourite flowers. Groom the rest of the garden while you’re out there.

3. Do a spring clean

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to mean introducing new items. Be conscious about the space you have and don’t fill it with things you don’t use. Culling belongings can do wonders to the energy a room holds.

4. Introduce decorative appliances

If you didn’t know what they were already, you’d think today’s appliances were decorative art pieces. Use this to your advantage by strategically placing them to double as ‘design’ statements. Exposed cabinets and hanging wall shelves are easy ways to do this. 

5. Build or assign an entertaining area

Is there a go-to spot in your home where you hang out? Maybe it’s the scenic nook where you enjoy a cup of tea or the area with natural breeze, where the wine usually flows? Assign this as your ‘entertaining area’. Apply a bit of creative license if it’s small.

You don’t have to be selling your Adelaide Hills home to want to add value to it. But if you are, we’re here to help you with that part. Give our real estate agents a call to book a sit-down with you to discuss your vision for this home (and the next one). It’s also worth requesting a [property report ](http://property report (110))after you’ve completed these updates, as it’ll give us data for our conversations.