How to find your dream Adelaide Hills home.

Finding the perfect property is like dating. It’s rare to find the property of our dreams, entering the market. We grow, our tastes change and so do our needs. 

It might take years to find ‘the one’, but you will. (With the help of a great local real estate agency, too). But it’s not always easy to know when to take the jump. Then again, like love, you’ll know when you see it.
Whether you’re hunting for your dream house for sale in the Adelaide Hills or you’re considering buying land and building on it, here’s where to start.

Discover your house style

When you’re visiting dozens of open houses, it’s important to stay focused on what you’re looking for. You’ll like the kitchen in this house and the backyard in that one…

Before you start dream house hunting, be clear on what your style is. Then, make a list of the must-have features, so you don’t start compromising because of pretty tiles, cute bath tubs, and adorable gardens.

Pick your geographic radius in the Adelaide Hills

While you can knock a house down, you can’t do anything about the location once you’ve signed the dotted line. Your dream house is more than what’s in those four walls. It’s equally the location. Decide where you want to be and pick the suburbs to make ‘preference’ then ‘secondary’ lists.

Plan for the future

While the thought of a growing family might not be on your mind, if you’re hunting for your ‘forever’ house, it’s something you need to consider.
Do you need backyard space for dogs? Planning to have kids in the future? A spare bedroom for interstate relatives? Or, maybe just extra room to entertain?

These questions are important to answer. Sit down, make a cuppa and have a think about what you want life to look like… five, ten, 20 years down the road.

Have the conversation with your partner and family, too.

Answer this, honestly: “What can we afford?”

This point should probably be number one, but we wanted you to keep dreaming about your dream home design for a little longer. Know your finances, so you’re beginning the process with realistic expectations. Set your budget and have clear expectations, but also recognise that this dream house might be your last one. You want to do this right.

Partner with a local team of Adelaide Hills real estate experts.
A big backyard, an island kitchen, a BBQ deck, sweeping Hills views… we’ll find your dream Adelaide Hills property.