Moving rentals? Here’s how to get ‘picked’ by your next landlord.

We always hear stories about people finding their dream home, and fighting for it at auction. But what about couples or families who are renting and have their heart set on a rental property. If this is you, we’re going to go through some strategies to make sure you’re top of their ‘possible tenants’ list. 

The rental market is equally as competitive, yet there aren’t as many preparation guides for tenants. This article aims to change that. If you’re starting to search for your new home, use these tips to guide your journey.

Find your Adelaide Hills rental home

Landlords and property managers are looking for tenants who can pay their rent on time and, of course, people they can trust to care for it. Take the time to prepare a little ‘pitch in your mind about your situation to best describe yourself to a landlord. It could be as simple as, ‘we’re a family of four who likes modern homes with an industrial, rustic look.’ Think of this as the opener when speaking to people in your house hunt.

Calculate how much you can spend on rent

Because the main thing landlords want is proof that you can pay the rent, we suggest only viewing the houses you can afford. It’s tempting to want to check out homes that look gorgeous, but this only ends in disappointment. Win over your prospective landlord by considering how much you can afford on your income and use this as the premise to search for rentals.

Come financially prepared (like buying a home)

Okay we’re not talking about tens of thousands of dollars here, but make sure you have some savings for any initial expenses. A security bond or rent in advance, for example. As a general rule, have at least two months’ rent before applying for an Adelaide Hills rental.

Dress the part & talk to the landlord in person

Take the opportunity to view the property when the landlord or property manager is present. You can ask questions and form a personal connection. Arrive on time, dress well, and do your best to make a good impression. Viewings can get busy, so if it’s open between 3.00-4.00pm, arrive 15 minutes early to see if you can chat with them first.

When property searching, be realistic and prepared to show off your best self, and see if you can sweeten the deal by offering to pay a couple of months in advance.

Are you looking for support to find the best rental home in the Adelaide Hills? Nitschke’s real estate agents and property managers are can help you find your dream home. As for the tenant, we put forward suggestions but ultimately it’s the landlord’s choice.