Top tips on being a tenant landlord’s love

If you’ve chosen an Adelaide Hills rental instead of buying a house, this resource is for you. There are many advantages of renting, especially as you’re saving for a deposit or taking the time to find the house of your dreams. 

Renting gets a bad rap, being labelled as ‘dead money.’ But, if it works for your situation, that’s all that matters. So, let’s get into the advice for renters.

The ‘rules’ for being a good rental tenant

Here are a few of the do’s (and don’ts) when you’re applying for a house for rent or you’re in one already. These tips still apply to you because it’s important to keep your landlord happy. And if you ever decide to move, you’ll know what to do.

Compile your rental references & documents

Have you rented a property before? Great. Do yourself a favour and ask for a reference. Landlords almost always ask for references, so it’s best to have them ready. Also, let the people know to expect a call, just in case the landlord reaches out.

If you haven’t got any references yet, find a guarantor and show proof of regular payments. You’ll also need to prove your income and explain how you spend your money. Also make sure that all your supporting documents are ready when you are. This will speed up the process and give your landlord a positive impression.

Tell your employer

It’s also a good idea to warn your employer that you’re applying for a rental property. They might need to help verify your salary with the landlord or property manager. This will determine your capacity to meet regular payments, so it’s an important step.

Be on time to rental viewings

Yes, we know. It’s a simple tip but it’s something that is so obvious we overlook its importance. Punctuality shows respect, courtesy and commitment. If you’re ready and waiting when they arrive, it might just be enough to choose you over other great applications. Oh, and be presentable and pleasant, of course.

Follow up with property managers

If you’ve submitted an application and you haven’t heard back in 48 hours, follow up. Let them know you’re particularly interested in the property and that you’re happy to provide extra documentation, if required. Personal interactions go a long way, so do what you can to swing things in your favour. Like we said, renting is a people business. Be respectful, honest and transparent. If you’re not sure about something, ask questions. Communication is key in the tenant-landlord relationship.

Are you currently looking for rentals in the Adelaide Hills? Give us a call. Even if you’re the landlord, it’s good to keep these things in mind, so you know what to look for in your tenants. If you’re renting your house and like the idea of handing over all the dealings to an experienced property manager, we’re happy to chat with you.