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Love playing host? Get your house ready for Christmas (and summer BBQs).

Is it your turn to host Christmas next week? Still frantically shopping and trying to work out what to get everyone? We know the feeling. But while you’re braving the busy shops, create a list for your fam, so you’re not rushing to get your backyard host-ready. 

First, think about how you’d like to set up the entertainment area. If this isn’t your first Christmas at home, remember what went well last time (and what didn’t). Determining the area you’ll serve food and encouraging people to mingle will help reduce unnecessary work.

Christmas in your Adelaide Hills home

You’ll appreciate your Adelaide Hills real estate even more, with abundant space to spread out. Start here, to get prepared for the day.

Clean & organise the dedicated area

Once you know the area you’ll be spending time in, allocate 30 minutes or so to dust everything, wipe down tables and chairs, re-position furniture, and clean the BBQ. You might need to give it a once-over before the guests arrive on Christmas Day, but aim to do the majority of cleaning now.

Decorate it!

A few little decorations can introduce a festive vibe to your space. You don’t have to spend much, either, to differentiate Christmas from a regular family get-together. Add a wreath to the door as your rellies wander in. Hang tinsel for the day and red and green fairy lights to illuminate at dusk. Oh, and bonbons on the table because no Christmas is complete without those colourful hats.

Write a list of items you need

So, you’ve sprinkled Christmas magic over the area but next, make sure you’ve got the must-haves. Things like gas for the BBQ (hello, grilled seafood), ice for the esky, napkins, paper plates and cutlery, utensils, and condiments. Do you have enough serving plates? Salt and pepper shakers? These are the items we often miss as we’re madly rushing pre-Christmas.

Plan the menu

You’ve probably already got the menu sorted but we just want to touch on making life easy for you on the day. Do you have a mini fridge? If so, this is the perfect time to use it. Keep items cool and fresh in between servings, especially if it’s a hot day. If you don’t have access to one, just be conscious about how long food items are sitting outside.

One last point, shade. While putting the table on the grass emulates an adorable setting, it’s not as comfortable in reality. Make sure your table setting is undercover. Christmas Day is almost always notoriously hot.
All ready? Christmas cheers. 

Once the Christmas period is over, reach out to us to discuss your Adelaide Hills property plans in the new year. Sit down with our real estate agents to discuss your goals.