Nitschke Team

Our mission? To deliver the most authentic real estate experience.

Our goal, back when we became an independent agency, was to deliver a real estate experience that we knew was missing in the community. 

To be humans first and real estate agents second… 
To put the real in real estate by being real with you, always.
To value real estate as more than a transaction, but a lifelong partnership with a professional helping guide your every move. 

By committing to that… we hoped to become the #1 real estate agency in the Adelaide Hills by our number of sales, properties under management, our reputation as a destination employer, and our passion in the community. 

While our desire to be the best in the business remains unchanged, we needed to clarify how we determined ‘the best.’ It’s not just the best by the numbers, but also by our approach

Our purpose is to deliver the most authentic real estate experience that you have ever had.

This means our sales, properties managed, talent, relationships and reputation are a byproduct of delivering the most authentic real estate experience. 

It’s who we already are and what we naturally do. It opens us up to people who love what we’re all about, rather than being a purely geographical advantage (in the Adelaide Hills). 

Whether it’s in sales, property management, internally as a team or out in the community, we deliver the most authentic, honest real estate service. 

We believe in being a good human. This means caring about a client’s needs before our own and putting the relationship before the commission. When a tenant misses out on a property, we let them know. When an under-bidder misses out on a property, we call them to explain what went wrong and how we can best help them. We’re not interested in being real estate wankers. 

We’re a team, not a collection of individuals, and we get better each day. Better before bigger. With good banter! 

Whatever you need, wherever you are in your real estate journey, we’re here for you. If you’re on the hunt for real estate jobs in the Adelaide Hills, check out our current openings

Join a real estate agency with an epic culture, career pathways and fun perks, in a high-growth region set to become South Australia’s second city.