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Build a relationship with your real estate agent: Ask these questions

Real estate isn’t a transaction. Not with us at Nitschke. We don’t treat it as a one-off event, where we help buy or sell your home. Rather it’s a long-term relationship that only gets better as the years pass. 

Yes, we’ll help you buy a home. But we will also help sell it, years later. Need to find a house for rent, so you don’t rush finding your forever home? We’re there for you, too. 

Deciding to start building your property portfolio? We’re here. When you zoom out and look at the decades ahead of you in the Adelaide Hills, chances are you’ll live in multiple homes. 

When you’re ready to make a next move, our team of real estate agents and property managers will be by your side.

Your personal, Adelaide Hills’ real estate ‘coach’ 

Getting to know you and your family’s needs takes time. To understand the type of home you like, favourite suburbs, budget range, lifestage circumstances and to strategically advise on your real estate decisions, a relationship must exist. 

This relationship is expected during each move but it’s strengthened in-between them – when you’re not looking at moving soon but would like to stay informed. 

Being an informed homeowner means you know what’s happening in the marketwhat your Adelaide Hills house is worthif it’s going up in value, plus the developments or changes in the surrounding area that affect you. 

There are also the questions that only you will have, that are likely linked to your personal goals. 

If we plan to buy a house in three years, should we prioritise the suburb with the best school over our dream area? 

Is it worth spending more on the house we love and plan to stay in for life or get a smaller mortgage and pay it off faster? 

How much can we expect our Mount Barker house to go up in price in the next 10 years? 

Based on my income, job, and the life stage I’m in, am I ready to handle a mortgage alone? How will I know? 

Think of a real estate agent as a coach and counsellor. 

This is especially important in a tight-knit community like the Adelaide Hills. It’s an opportunity for us as property agents to closely support the community we live in and love. We’re industry and location specialists. 

All those small real estate questions 

You probably have lots of questions that pop into your mind. Maybe you Google them, or forget because they’re not ‘urgent’. But getting personal answers to these questions would give you confidence in your real estate decisions. 

Any questions you have, big or small, you can ask us. 

That’s the beauty of building a long-term relationship with a real estate team. The more informed you are, the better. Yes, we’d love to be the team you turn to when you’re making your next move. Yes, we hope to support your family for years to come, to be the agents you call first for any of your Adelaide Hills property needs. 

Real estate is emotional

It’s not a simple transaction to get the best deal. It’s multifaceted. We believe it needs to be respected and treated that way. Anything less robs you of the rewarding journey that comes with buying an Adelaide Hills property or securing an Adelaide Hills rental.

Book an appointment with Nitschke’s real estate agents to go through your questions, concerns, and goals. Make ‘catching up with your agent’ part of your routine, every few months.