The guide to sell your house in the Adelaide Hills, in the post-pandemic market.

Adelaide is the only capital city still recording growth in housing values over 1%, according to CoreLogic. While the market has started to level out, interest rates have risen and we’re seeing a more balanced buyer-seller pendulum, vendors can still catch the tail-wind of this historic time in Adelaide Hills real estate.

If you’re thinking of selling an Adelaide Hills property this year, use this guide to start the journey. 

It’s never too early to engage a real estate agent. Nitschke is your real estate family through every lifestage in the Adelaide Hills. We’re not just here to help you with the sale. We’re by your side through every question, decision, postcode, and life chapter. With Nitschke, this is more than a transaction. 

The house selling process 

1.   Reach out to our team 

The longer the runway of time, the better the sale outcome. By giving yourself plenty of time and connecting with us early, we can support you closely through the sale journey. If you’ve been living in the house for years or decades, you’ll most likely need to carry out repairs and upgrades. You’re better equipped to make strategic decisions to increase the sale value. 

As real estate agents, we live in this world every day, so we can help guide your decision-making on what prospective buyers are looking for in a house listing. For example, replacing the flooring, updating tapware and fixtures, retiling the bathroom, and repainting the house. 

No two clients or situations are the same in real estate. We liken what we do as real estate agents to matchmaking – connecting people with properties. We exist to help you maximise the sale result and create a win-win situation with buyers. 

2.   The cost & expected sale price 

By bringing us into the process as soon as you’ve made the decision to sell, you’ll understand all the costs involved, to make an informed decision about the sale price. 

This Data SA resource is useful for preliminary research to get a feel for average sale prices in your suburb. For example, you can look up recent statistics for Mount Barker real estate. We’ll draw on our experience selling homes across the Adelaide Hills to help you put your house on the market at a price in line with your goals and expectations. 

Prepare to discuss the following expenses: 

o   Agent commission 
o   A pre-sale building inspection 
o   Repairs and renovations 
o   Home staging (for inspections) 
o   Marketing and advertising fees (including professional video, photography, and copywriting) 
o   Auctioneer fees 
o   A conveyancer 
o   Mortgage discharge fees 
o   Rates and taxes, pre-settlement date 
o   Moving costs. 

3.   Off-market vs. on-market 

These are the three different ways to conduct the house for sale Adelaide Hills process. On-market, often referred to as the auction, is a one-day event where aspiring buyers bid on the price, with the sale going to the higher number. The successful bidder pays a deposit on the day, with no cooling-off period. Together, we’ll set a realistic reserve price, which is the minimum figure you’re happy to sell for. 

In an off-market sale, you’ll set the price you want to sell for, we’ll hold walk-throughs and negotiate on your behalf – communicating with our database network of qualified potential buyers built over 20+ years serving the Adelaide Hills. We’re in close communication with these people, many of which have applied for similar Adelaide Hills houses for sale but missed out. They’re active buyers.  

Once the deal is made, the buyer pays the deposit, with a cooling-off period. Off-market is a much more intentional, slower, and discreet style of selling. 

There’s a different set of rules between off and on-market selling. On-market is ideal for people who want to make a lot of noise, with fast results. Off-market is a more flexible, ‘quality’ over quantity way of selling. 

4.   Marketing your Adelaide Hills property

Telling the story of your property is one of the most important pieces of the selling process. This is where the strength of the real estate agency comes into play. It’s not just about blasting a listing far and wide to a network of strangers. It requires a proven strategy, clever storytelling, and intelligent targeting to settle for your desired house price in the Adelaide Hills. 

We have a full in-house marketing studio and sales engine, with a creative partner network to put your house in front of the right people.

5.   Contracts, cooling off & conveyancers 

Once the house is sold, we’ll prepare the contract of sale. This will cover the sale price with deposit details, the settlement date, any title documents to complete the property transfer, and any specific conditions. Find out more about offers, contracts, and cooling-off periods. 

Your extended (real estate) family 

Selling your home with Nitschke is a seamless, successful experience. We’ll help you find the right buyer to maximise your sale price, in a way that suits your needs – leaning on our strong Adelaide Hills real estate reputation and sales history. By selling with us, you’ll get a real estate family for life. This is just the beginning. 

Sell, buy, rent, or invest with Nitschke’s refreshingly real family of real estate agents