Selling your Adelaide Hills house this spring? This is how to maximise profit.

While you should be confident, don’t get complacent. It’s easy to assume that because you’ll sell your home in this environment, the process will be fast and hassle-free. But this isn’t a time where you want to skip steps because the sellers who follow the strategy are walking away with historic profits.

Adelaide Hills real estate buyers are savvy

A leading Adelaide Hills real estate agent (who we’re proud to have in our team), Jamie Hershman, says the level of intensity is bringing on average two to three buyers for every property – sometimes, up to 10!

“Greed can creep in and you might think that you don’t need to do as much to sell your house. But, the market has more information than ever before. This is an important point that I want to stress to sellers.”

The best property for sale in the Adelaide Hills is presented well and priced appropriately. Buyers have a radar and if they’re unsatisfied with the quality of the property (or the asking price), you won’t achieve that competitive friction.

A strategy for healthy competition

Do it properly and follow the right selling strategy. You’ll attract more interested buyers and create that (necessary) spark for buyers to compete to make it their home.

“Two houses we sold in Nairne come to mind when I think of buyers flocking and making offers, out of fear of missing out. These sellers were presented with nine offers, all above the asking price. It was such a great win for those families,” Jamie adds.

In the end, the buyer with the highest offer and the least conditions wins.
A strategy helps map out this outcome. Staging the house well, with tidy landscaping, and an appropriate price will have buyers lining up. This leads to the highest possible asking price. If you’d like Jamie Hershman and the team to recreate these results for your property, get in touch with our Adelaide Hills family of real estate agents.

Our team works hand in glove, sharing buyers and successes. Underbidders who miss out on properties can find other opportunities with our team. We’re here to help families, on both sides of the fence.