How to improve your chances of securing a rental property in the Adelaide Hills.

Recently on, Mount Barker didn’t even feature on any house for rent availabilities. The supply of new rentals is smaller than ever, with a tighter runway of time to fill these properties. It’s great news for the landlords but challenging for renters.

Maddy Nitschke, our Director of Property Management, talks about how being prepared is the best strategy in this competitive Adelaide Hills rental market.

Submit a complete rental application

If you’re looking for a new rental property, don’t leave any holes in your application. “We’re seeing a lot of incomplete applications and the current market is moving too fast for mistakes like this,” Maddy says.

“Make sure you complete the form, but also get your supporting documents ready. This includes your recent payslips and 100 points of ID (passport, licence or birth certificate). Talk to your current Adelaide Hills property manager to provide you with a ledger or routine inspection report. You should also let your references know we’ll be in touch, so the communication isn’t missed.”

Maddy also suggests taking the time to properly save and download payslips and files, so they’re clear when they’re transferred over to the real estate agency. It’s not all that different than applying for a job.

Put yourself in the landlord’s shoes

With a surplus of applicants, it’s important to think about the process from the landlord’s side. What evidence can you bring to back up your application? What information communicates and reaffirms that you’re a good tenant?

Be proactive and responsive. As soon as a new property goes live, book in to one of the open times. With the real estate Adelaide Hills market as it is, time is of the essence.

Ask questions, engage a property manager

Chat with your property manager about your criteria, what you’re looking for, and what listings are coming up. Real estate agents typically know what’s in the pipline a few weeks ahead, so register for a broad range of alerts to capture more vacancies.

Keep in mind that, just like sellers, landlords go with their gut instinct on who to choose. Get all your ducks in a row with the paperwork, but don’t forget to be personable and reliable. Follow up, showcase your personality, and make it a no brainer for landlords to pick you.

Our team of property managers are here to help, whether you’re looking to find the perfect rental or tenant. We understand both sides of the fence and have supported hundreds of people in the Adelaide Hills during this unprecedented time.

Get in touch to talk with our property management team if you’re curious to know what your house will rent for, or if you need help securing a rental. There’s no need to navigate this journey alone.