Property Management

What good property managers do (and how to spot them).

Property management is not just about skill, but also time and dedication. Also, it requires so much more attention than the tasks mentioned above. There are rent collections, expenses, taxes, regularly analysing rent, marketing the property, running credit checks, dealing with complaints, evictions, and potential lawsuits.

To cut a long to-do list short, property management is a full-time, professional job. And, here’s how to tell that yours is taking care of your investment property.

What you should know about property managers

They’re ‘people’ people
Your property manager is your advocate. But at the same time, they’re also the support person for tenants. Good property managers are friendly, empathetic, sensitive to issues on both sides, and overall, show up with a caring, helpful energy. Both parties should feel like they’re taken care of, with an attentive, solutions-focused (objective) manager taking lead.

Keeps an eye on competition
In property, the environment is constantly changing. It’s never stagnant, nor should a manager. Professionals keep an eye on competition, current rental rates in your area, and always look for ways to improve your situation. Does your property manager have an ‘investor’ mindset? You know, the ‘big picture’ thinkers who know how to best pivot to make the most out of your investment.

Backed by a great team
Yes, your property manager will be easy to contact (and based in the Adelaide Hills). You won’t be hand-balled on the phone, but your manager will have the support of a team. They have colleagues to ask questions, offer advisory, and lean into, if necessary.

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