Property Management

Landlords, here’s how to nurture good tenant relationships.

This is no different than any other relationship. It requires communication, attention, mutual trust, and with benefits on both sides. From your perspective as a landlord, good relationships can play a role in your overall path to financial wealth. Long-term tenants can alleviate pressure, stress and financial burden – and a little personal touch can go a long way to looking after your real estate investment in the Adelaide Hills.

Interestingly, a recent study shows that tenants’ health is affected by whether they feel at home – which is influenced by the treatment they get from their landlord. And maintaining a good relationship with your tenants came in as the number one strategy that landlords can do to make tenants feel at home in their properties.

Positive relationships can help the families settle in faster, but also gives them confidence in other parts of their lives (finding work in the area and connecting with the community).

Tips from property managers

Always refer back to the rental lease

As the landlord, you have a number of responsibilities, such as a broken hot water system on the same day. Understand your duty of care, talk about it with your Adelaide Hills property manager and take it seriously. Yes, this is your house, but it’s someone’s home. Show them this if and when an issue arises. Your property manager should take care of everything, but don’t rely on assumptions.

Be as transparent as possible

Sometimes, you have to rely on third parties like tradespeople. Your word relies on theirs, in terms of arrival and repair times. Do your best to be as open and available as possible. Most likely, they’ll understand that you’re doing your best, as long as you’re proactive. Maintain a calm tone of voice, be polite, and try to understand the situation.

Make regular changes, big & small

While people have different expectations when it comes to Adelaide Hills rentals, landlords can and should invest in regular updates to the home, no matter how small, to improve their quality of life. Communicate with your tenants to understand what’s not working in the house (and opportunities for renovations).

Send little gifts

Do you know the date they moved in? Arrange a little gift hamper to celebrate their one year living in the house. You can also send something around Christmas time to show you’re thinking of them. It’s these small acts of kindness that help them feel welcomed, appreciated, and not just a rental cheque.

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