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The new Gawler Street Intersection: Good for business.

The Mount Barker Council announced a new infrastructure project to improve one of its main streets, starting this month. Mount Barker’s Gawler Street, off Adelaide Road, plays a crucial role in the town’s social, cultural and economic heritage – it’s also the HQ of our real estate agency.

We’ve experienced first-hand, the traffic congestion and parking issues. It’s one of the central business areas, with linking streets to Mount Barker’s shopping mall. Yet, traffic flow in this area can often be stressful.

“We love the area and being in the centre of town. But we’re thrilled to hear about the plans Council has for Gawler Street. It’s going to improve safety dramatically and make the hub of Mount Barker much easier to access,” said Michael Nitschke, from Nitschke Real Estate.

“It’s not just the local traffic from people in town, but also the congestion from visitors. Gawler Street is accessed from Adelaide Road, the street you take into Mount Barker. A lot of people spot the cafes and shops, and stop by.”

Reviving Mount Barker’s centre – a drawcard for all Adelaide Hills property owners

The project is part of the Council’s Gawler Street Mainstreet Strategy, which was developed following consultation with interested and affected land and business owners – as well as the broader community.

The Strategy identified a range of priority actions which are designed to not only improve the physical appearance of the street, but to also enhance the activity and life on the street.

The upgrades will cover the Gawler Street / Adelaide Road intersection, the Gawler Street / Stephen Street, and Hutchinson Street triangle. There will also be new public seating and landscaping, additional and replacement street trees, and street lighting upgrades (including tree up-lighting at intersections). The two new parklets and work on the Stephen Street car park are both completed.

Next, will be the upgrade Gawler Street / Adelaide Road intersection, including a new left slip-lane into Gawler Street. A signalised pedestrian crossing of Adelaide Road will also be installed, plus a new shared-use path connecting this intersection to the existing path around Keith Stephenson Park.

“With Mount Barker being a popular location for families, this is going to be great for increasing safety in the town’s most visited area – particularly with the park so close by,” Nitschke added.

The upgrades are expected to be continue to be rolled out over the next three to five years. Already this financial year, $1.3 million has be allocated to the project.

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