The guide to find the best Adelaide Hills real estate agent. For you.

There’s a long-standing assumption with real estate agents, that we’re closer to lawyers than accountants. Where we are called on for a specific purpose, rather than partnered with. 

People use lawyers to resolve an issue. People rely on accountants to fulfill their tax obligations and improve their finances. There’s no end to a partnership with an accountant – dialling the service up and down based on the time of year or season of life. 

The relationship with an Adelaide Hills real estate agent should be seen the same way – as a partnership, not a once-off transaction at purchase or sale. Much like an accountant, finding the right real estate agent is an asset. Find an agent and agency who will become part of your ‘property’ team. 

Experience & local knowledge 

Real estate agents will, of course, have the essentials. They’ve got a track record of sales and client success stories, as well as a rich understanding of the Adelaide Hills. Ideally, your agent lives in the region and knows all the distinct personality and property quirks that each town has. 

A good fit, emotions & values 

Choosing your right real estate agent requires more thought and feel than simply picking a local team down the main street. 

Consider both the agent and the agency. When you realise how valuable a good agent is for ongoing support, your gut will pick them for you. This is a professional you’ll trust with your biggest lifestyle, financial and retirement plans. 
Follow your instincts. Go with who feels right, where there’s chemistry, confidence, and care. Get to know the person behind the name badge. Let them see you, too. The deeper the relationship, the sooner they know if it’s a values match. 

A proactive partner 

Just as you want a supportive agent, you want an attentive one, too. A professional who knows your situation, what you’re looking for, and can advocate on your behalf. 

It’s not a ‘call you back’ agent who forgets about you, while searching for their next commission. You don’t want to have to chase the person helping you make the biggest purchase or sale of your lifetime. You require emotional safety, not to feel like another number. 

A proactive property manager represents you and doesn’t wait for you to reach out. Your family becomes part of the agency’s family of clients. There’s no ‘in it for ourselves’ mentality but rather, a team of professionals sharing resources, listings, and contacts for the greater good of every client. 

A real estate ‘coach’ 

If you’ve never looked for an Adelaide Hills property or gone through the selling process before, here’s a heads up: you’ll be surprised by the timeline. 

No two homes, Adelaide Hills suburbs, seasons, or situations are the same. It could take a lot longer than you expect, especially for first home buyers entering a seller’s market. This is why it’s important to see real estate agents as ‘coaches.’ 

Your real estate agent, like a sports coach, whose goal is getting you to the finish line. They’ll give you practical, mental, and emotional support. They know when and how much to push. There needs to be mutual trust for this relationship dynamic to grow. 

Take a first homeowner couple, for example. They keep getting priced out, one offer after another. It’s easy to get down and consider giving up, but they only need one ‘yes.’ 

A good real estate agent will coach them through, even if it takes twice as long.

The relationship with your real estate agent is one to be cherished. It’s not just a transaction. They’re not only someone you call when you need to make a move. Your agent is there for you, for any real estate questions that pop up. And no, we don’t charge by the minute, like lawyers. 

At least, Nitschke doesn’t

No matter your next move, make this perspective shift to real estate partner.