The guide to moving to (or within) the Adelaide Hills.

With the Mount Barker region expected to grow to 55,000 people in the next 15 years, the Adelaide Hills will continue its transformation as South Australia’s second biggest ‘city’. Adelaide Hills real estate will undoubtedly follow the same trajectory.

Even with all its growth, the Hills maintain its character and charm. The popular German town of Hahndorf, the leafy streets of Stirling, the commercial hub of Mount Barker and all the quaint suburbs that connect the Hills – wherever you are, it’s got that Hills feel. 

The tree change trend 

The recent exodus out of cities in search of more space and better affordability is a trend that’s here to stay. Why pay thousands to live in the city when work is remote or hybrid? Millions of Australians have asked themselves this question, which led to the increase of people moving to the Hills. 

Picture your dream lifestyle 

You probably have a vivid image of your perfect Adelaide Hills property. Is it a big block of land with animals? A cottage-style home overlooking a lake? A modern house in an estate, close to the centre of town? 

Is your dream Adelaide Hills lifestyle more about the house or suburb? It’s important to define your priority list, as this will help us in our house for sale Adelaide Hills search. This step is to achieve clarity around what you really want.

Explore the following questions: 

  • Is it more important to live in your dream house or suburb? 
  • How will you spend your weekends? What do you like doing? 
  • Do you need to consider the school district? 
  • Will you commute? Do you need to be close to public transport? 
  • Where are your friends and family? 
  • What are your goals in the next 5-10 years? 
  • What’s your current home missing? 
  • What’s the timeline? How long do you have to find a new home? 

More questions will come up when you sit in reflection. Use this time to get as clear as you can. 

Know your price range 

In the 2021-22 financial year, Adelaide was the fastest growing capital city in Australia. House prices reached a record high of $793,220. In comparison, even with the historic 21.7% increase, the median house price in Mount Barker is $553,750

Adelaide Hills real estate exists on a spectrum. On the lower end, there’s Lobethal, Nairne, Woodside, Balhannah, Meadows, and Macclesfield. On the more expensive side are suburbs such as Stirling, Crafers, Aldgate, and Hahndorf. 

By knowing your range and price ceiling, we can create a strategy on the best way to present you to sellers. For example, if you’re applying for houses in Mount Barker but your ceiling is $550,000, your application will be stronger if you put in a higher offer in a nearby suburb. Woodside, for example, with a median price of $420,000. 

Shortlist your top suburbs 

With all of the information you’ve compiled, it’s helpful to pick five suburbs or areas of the Hills to put in order of preference. This way, you’re not tied to one specific suburb. If you are, you might need to be flexible about the house. 

As you shortlist your areas, use this tool to get up to date pricing on each suburb. Keep in mind, we’re still in a seller’s market, with record-high growth. You can track the five-year growth for each suburb. 

Your life goals 

All real estate decisions should complement your life goals. Is your goal simply to be a homeowner? Is it to grow your property portfolio and own multiple homes? Is it to have a home you love, so you can host friends and family? Is it to raise your family in a safe, supportive community? 

Keep your goals front and centre, so you can make decisions with confidence. Having all these personal insights is essential for us as your Adelaide Hills real estate agents, too. As we’ve said many times before, this is more than a transaction. The house you buy will define the next chapter of your life, here in the Adelaide Hills.