More people are thinking about moving to regional areas. Here’s why.

Regional South Australia has seen the third and fourth largest jumps in suburb searches. According to, there’s a clear shift towards interest in regional areas like the Adelaide Hills, as opposed to city suburbs. This is reflected on a national level. 

It tells us that more Australians are considering making a lifestyle change, once the COVID-19 situation is behind us. In Victoria, suburb searches were up 80% on the previous month and the NSW Central Coast region saw a 75.4% increase in interest.

Locally, with real estate in the Adelaide Hills, there was a 33% increase between the number of searches in April versus August 2020. South Australia’s Barossa Valley received the most attention, recording a 70% jump in search activity.

In South Australia, (and nationwide), people are favouring regional life post-pandemic. In fact, this is a theme worldwide, with city exoduses taking place in various continents. While the Adelaide Hills property market has remained strong, there’s another area that’s worth looking at if you’re planning to buy a home: Fleurieu Peninsula.

Beach towns boom with no international travel

International borders have been shut for months and we’re only starting to see domestic routes open up. While global travel is off the cards (and probably will be for some time), people are keen to take domestic trips, especially in regional areas.

A recent ABC article speaks about a ‘beach house boom’ in South Australia. How we’re heading to the beaches ‘in droves’, instead of travelling internationally. And our world-famous stretch of coast along the Fleurieu Peninsula is being inundated with bookings, unlike never before.

Families don’t want to take chances and put their loved ones at risk. Nor do they want have to worry about refunded tickets and being stranded last minute, with no place to go. This local ‘tourism bounce-back’ is good news for the state, after a tough year of bushfires and COVID-19.

But it’s also a lucrative time for people who are looking to either relocate to the Fleurieu or take advantage of the low interest rates and buy an investment property. It’s likely this trend of travelling locally won’t go away anytime soon (and maybe, it’ll spark a renaissance in certain regions). We know first-hand more people are moving to the Adelaide Hills, with the increased interest in houses for sale as well as houses for rent.

Real estate agents in Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Peninsula

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