The ‘am I ready to buy a home’ checklist, ready for property’s hottest season. Spring!

Spring has historically been the most lucrative season to buy a home. Pair this with low interest rates, reduced competition and the property market staying resilient throughout the past six months – and you might be considering buying soon, too. 

Real estate in the Adelaide Hills has fared quite well coming through the hybrid health-economic crisis seemingly unscathed. September through November is a great time to buy, but it all comes down to how ready YOU are.

Use this house buying checklist to make sure you’re asking the right questions to see if it’s the best time to buy property.

The ‘should I buy a property’ checklist

Can I afford to own a house?

Make sure you include all the extra costs beyond your deposit. Do this before you get excited and start viewing houses for sale in the Adelaide Hills. For example, stamp duty, mortgage insurance, legal fees, building inspection, transfer fee, loan application fee, and council and utility rates.

What is my budget?

How much do you have saved? What is the mortgage limit you don’t want to go over? Know your numbers.

Where do I want to buy?

Do you have a suburb in mind? If so, what is the average property price? Learn about current and future developments to see if it’s a lucrative area to invest in.

What are my long-term goals?

Understand why you’re thinking about buying. Is it to live in a house that’s yours, to secure your financial future or to start your property portfolio? Take the time to explore your reasons, so you can tailor an investment strategy with your real estate team.

What kind of property do I want?

Is your dream to live in a house? Are you investing instead and therefore, open to townhouses, units or apartments?

Do I have a team of people to help me?

Start to piece together your support team. This can include a real estate agency, accountant, financial planner, and property inspection team.

Am I emotionally ready to be a homeowner?

Where are you at in your life? Are you seeking freedom and location independence? Maybe investing is the best option. But if you’re looking for a house for sale in the Adelaide Hills that you can own, in a region you love (and are willing to commit to years, decades even), then it’s a great time to look for a property.

Already found a house? Here’s another checklist that might come in handy, so you’re not buying on excitement, without getting the structural tick of approval.

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You’ll always get honest and professional advice from us. It’s how we’re still here after 20 years. Together, let’s discover your ideal Hills location and lifestyle.