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How to create a chore list for kids (that’ll actually get done)

While toddlers love to mimic their parents and ‘cook dinner’ in their play kitchen, teenagers are another story. No matter how old your children are, chores don’t just help you, as parents. They empower your children, giving them a sense of accomplishment and helps them feel like an important part of the family.

It’s natural to wonder whether you should just ‘let them be kids’. And while there’s merit to this, giving them chores may be one of the most critical things they’ll ever do. You’re teaching them life skills and values that they’ll continue to use into their adult life, while keeping your Adelaide Hills property house spick and span.

Create a family chore chart based on their age

If you need help creating your chart, think about the age of your children. Youngsters love just be doing ‘adult’ things, whereas as they get older, you can get more specific with the tasks you give them.

Chores for pre-schoolers

Pull out a sticker chart and get ready to turn simple chores into a game. This can include packing up their toys each day and put the dishes away, which teach them to be responsible for their own mess. Make your chores chart visual, with pictures of each chore. Once they complete one, the get a sticker to reward and motivate them.

Chores for school-age children

As they begin their schooling, start to introduce chores like putting their shoes and backpacks away. The tasks will start to get more complex, so teach them in a step-by-step manner. Discuss your expectations, praise their efforts, and encourage them to keep trying.

Chores for teens

While this is when you’ll probably have to battle that infamous teenage attitude, in this stage you can start to introduce them to the real world. This means real rewards for their work – pocket money. It’ll help motivate them, as well as show them how to earn and manage money. Remember, children go through phases and sometimes, they might reject the chores and give you attitude (we’re talking about you, teens). But, in time, they’ll come around if you’re patient and loving with them.

If you’re anything like us, one of the reasons you probably love living in the Adelaide Hills is the space. But big houses need to be looked after, so round up the family and make chore time fun.

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