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Interior design tips for decorating your new home in the Hills

There’s a reason why home deco programs are all the rage. It’s because this is the fun part of moving into a new house. It’s the reward that you get after all that heavy lifting, transferring all your items over. 

For the lady of the house, this is especially true. Hop onto Instagram and it won’t be long until you scroll past a cool, new room design. A daring paint colour, a statement Persian rug as a room ‘centrepiece’ or that free-standing bathtub you’ve always wanted – with interior design, the only limit is your imagination.

If you’ve just moved into your new house in the Adelaide Hills (or you’re in the process), let these interior design tips inspire you.

Now, comes the fun part.

Designing your Adelaide Hills property interior

Start with your colour scheme. Come up with a core colour scheme that can unify the whole house. Think about the tones of your furniture and the design pieces you’ll add to the space.

Those statement pieces you love! Put them front and centre, right there on display. That cool vintage trunk, you picked up from that antique store. Why not place it in your living room, doubling as a ‘coffee and book table.’

Embrace decorative finishes like glazes to warm up a room. It could be an interesting treatment of a small area, like adding window trims, or a sofa throw-over. Even a few vibey cushions can change the ambience of a room.

Amplify neutral zones with texture. Don’t go overboard here but jazz up those spaces in between with a variety of materials. If the space is small or you’re going for a minimalist feel, simply replace what you’ve already got in there for something new. For example, plain blinds out… textured linen curtains in.

Let the space size guide your furniture placement. Every room will be different, so look at it strategically, instead of trying to make the space work for your pre-conceived design ideas. Does the bed need to go against a window wall? Great. Add a headboard that lets the light spill in.

The cool thing about interior design is there are no rules. It comes down to your own taste, personality and lifestyle needs. Have fun with it and look at the space as an evolution. Keep adding (and removing) pieces to continue shaping the style.

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