Tips for preparing your house for sale in the Adelaide Hills

Don’t judge a book by its cover, we’re taught. But first impressions count for a lot in property. You might only have minutes to captivate a potential buyer and with houses, it’s equally about the feeling people get – visualising life in your house. 

Your home is just one in a list of many they’ll see, so it’s essential to make yours stand out. Get your prospects putting in bids as soon as they walk out the door.

Adelaide Hills property selling tips

Here’s a few tips to make your house on the top of their list.

Decorate and let them feel the space

Making sure your house is clean and tidy is a no brainer. But there’s probably lots of things that you’ve wanted to do but just haven’t had the time. Like, pulling up the old tiles in your bathroom and replace them with new designs. Maybe you’ve got kids’ scuff marks on the walls. Clearing the weeds, fix leaking taps and broken lightbulbs to give your prospects that peace of mind.

Now’s the time to invest in perfecting every flaw in your house. Don’t be afraid to decorate it just because you’re planning to move. Adding personality into your space can help convey emotion and tell your family’s ‘story’ – or present a canvas that suggests what life could be like if their family moved in.

Small, simple changes can go a long way. Adding paintings to help fill blank walls, for example, and placing vases or plants in living areas for a homely feel.

Set the scene – go minimal

Investing in a couple of pieces of outdoor furniture show potential buyers how they might use the area. Hiring furniture is also another option if you don’t think you’ll use extra items in your new house.

Avoid going overboard and cluttering your house. You want your prospective buyers to be able to get a sense of space and imagine their own items in there, so opt for a minimalist look while still being stylish.

The finishing touch

Go that step further and wash windows (inside and out), rent a pressure washer and spray down the sidewalks and exterior, mow the lawn, wax floors, dust furniture and fans, light some incense and hang up fresh towels.

Do a senses test. How does your house look, smell and feel? Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. Remember, people buy based on their emotions. While the layout and features of your home satisfies the logical side of our brains.

Have you made the decision to sell? Talk to our real estate agents about your pre-selling strategy to get the highest price.