10 updates to make to a house before you sell it.

Did you originally buy the house as a fix-up to flip? Did you have hopes to update it while you’re living there? A common question our real estate agents in the Adelaide Hills get asked is, should I fix it up before I sell? And our answer’s always this: it depends.

We always encourage our clients to weigh up the cost of the proposed improvements against the property’s market value, after the repairs. Do your research and see if other houses in the area have recent renovations.

This is where it helps to partner with real estate agents in the Adelaide Hills who know the areas, right down to the streets. Professionals have a finger on the pulse of houses for sale. Talk to your real estate agents before making any decisions, after you’ve weighed up the cost pros and cons.

Some projects are worth your time by adding value to the sale price. These are the tasks we’re going to explore right now.

Impress potential buyers, as they walk through your Adelaide Hills house for sale

Focus on mini-update projects that you can do on the weekends (and won’t require you to refinance your home). Think about it from the perspective of cosmetic touches. Go through your home and look for opportunities to tweak the overall appearance. Here are 10 ideas to prepare your house for sale. 

1. Patching holes and cracks

Inspect your floors, walls and ceilings for blemishes. Fill them in, paint over and check the structural integrity.

2. Fix broken appliances

Do you have an old hot water system? A ‘lazy’ air conditioner? Look for appliances that’ll stay in the house that you can upgrade.

3. Replace chipped glass

Are there any windows with chips or cracks? Get a quote from a glass repairer to replace the panels.

4. Dated lights

Forget the ‘don’t fix what’s not broken’ philosophy for a moment. Do you have lights that have been there for years? Are they outdated? It’s time for a revamp (or should we say, relamp).

5. Organise a home inspection

Book in a professional home inspection to bring any issues to the surface (before the prospective buyers do).

6. Get your carpets cleaned

You might never have done this before but now is the time. Invest in professional carpet cleaning.

7. Replace old curtains

Do you cringe a little when you look at your curtains? Overhaul your curtains, drapes and window coverings.

8. Paint your walls white

Have you ever walked into a house that’s an off-white? It dulls your complexion (and spirit). Paints your walls in a fresh, lively white.

9. Add more storage

This point is important if you have a small house. Look around and see if there’s new ways to introduce more storage.

10. Fill in the lawn

Has your dog had a little too much fun digging holes in your lawn? Give your backyard some love and even out the surface.

If you’re looking for tailored advice to guide you through your house selling journey, call us on 8391 5004 or use this contact form and we’ll reply soon. Our real estate agents don’t just work in property. We all own houses in the Adelaide Hills and understand the practical and emotional aspects. Let our family help yours.