The price of a beach house in the Fleurieu Peninsula.

While this might remain a pipedream for many of our eastern state neighbours, it doesn’t have to be for you. And best of all? You might not have to forfeit your Adelaide Hills property dream. Less than one hour away is the Fleurieu Peninsula – a magical pocket of the state that’s home to elongated stretches of white-sanded beaches.

This article will debunk the myth that a beach house is out of reach. There are two main reasons why owning a beach house in the Fleurieu Peninsula is economically smart: they’re affordable and the region attracts thousands of tourists in the summer.

Beachfront properties options in the Fleurieu Peninsula

You can pick up land (713 sqm) in places like Goolwa Beach, four streets away from the ocean, for around $175,000. For $240,000, there are character fix-me-ups in Goolwa, a short walk from the beach.

On the Encounter Bay side, there are three-bedroom houses located five streets from the shore, on the market for $340,000. In the popular Victor Harbor, for $470,000 you can secure a two-storey, four-bedroom modern house with beach views.

Yes, there are mansions for sale in the Fleurieu Peninsula for under $500,000. With the growing popularity of this region, more infrastructure being built to make the journey from the city faster and people seeking a sea change, the Fleurieu is a lucrative investment region. You can also get to the Fleurieu in under an hour from your Adelaide Hills property.

Beach house rental Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula accommodation fills up fast in the summertime. If you’re thinking of buying a beach house as an investment, it’s worth considering opening it up for AirBnbers between October and April. This three-bedroom home in Middleton is rented out at $112 per night. While the owners of this cottage-style home in Port Elliot charge $168 per night.

With a region brimming with tourists for four to six months a year, you could have both an income stream and a year-round beach getaway. Talk to our real estate agents to explore beach houses for sale, based on your budget and lifestyle needs.