Improve your chances of securing that dream Adelaide Hills house, this spring (with the market still hot).

Spring has historically been the selling season. After the long, three-month chill, the Adelaide Hills come to life in September… landscapes and backyards, bursting with colour. It helps do the ‘selling’ for you. And this spring, we’re about to experience the strongest real estate selling season we’ve ever seen. 

Leverage the next few weeks and you’ll put yourself in the best position to get your dream Adelaide Hills property.

The list to launch strategy

The buyer-seller segment is no doubt the hardest to navigate, right now. You’re selling a property to capitalise on the current market, but you need to coordinate the next home (whether that’s a sale or rental). The list to launch strategy is working well with our clients right now.

We can list your house for sale in the Adelaide Hills this month (before spring), generate off-market interest and put a plan together to prepare for the purchase. It’s tempting to put off work on these cold, wintery days but you don’t want to miss the market. Focus on getting the preparation done (or at least have a plan in motion).

We’ll visit your home and create a to-do and not to-do list, so you can maximise every dollar (and time) you’re spending on it. At this point, engage a pre-sale building inspection company, to flag any major issues as early as possible. A well-prepared home will sell better.

A word on off-market sales: If you want to control the situation and have more flexibility in the sale of your home, off-market is a great strategy. It’s less pressure and generates strong sale prices. 20% of all Nitschke’s house sales in the last quarter were off market. Our sellers have enjoyed several creative solutions such as long settlements, rent backs, licensed occupies, and other negotiated terms.

Sort out your pre-approval

The most difficult part of buying or selling a property is the finance. Speak with your lender as soon as possible, as the pre-approval slows many people down. “Go ugly early”, as we like to say at Nitschke. Get the most difficult part out of the way, first.

Zoom out your criteria

While you might have your eyes (and heart) set on a particular suburb, it’s important to be flexible and broaden your search area for a house for sale in the Adelaide Hills. Instead of picking one to three towns, consider the houses for sale in the entire Adelaide Hills region. It’s not the market to be picky and it can’t hurt seeing other lovely towns – you never know what you might find.

Another frustration we often hear is related to budgets. Because of the recent capital growth in the Adelaide Hills, a lot of people are getting priced out of the market. The median house price in Mount Barker, for example, has risen by 14%. Let’s say your budget is $600,000. Instead of going for houses sitting around that price, look further out of your desired area or target properties that are up to $500,000 – to position yourself as the knockout bidder.

Follow these tips – the list and launch strategy, preparing your home for sale, sorting out your pre-approval and opening your search criteria – and you’ll be ready to capitalise on this incredible time.

Ready to take the first step? There’s less than four weeks before spring… and the droves of buyers emerge. Let’s make sure you’re ready, now. Get in touch with our family of real estate agents.