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What you need to do to get your house summer (and party) ready

‘Can you believe it’s nearly December?’ You hear this at work, in conversations at the supermarket checkout, and even on TV. It’s easy to freak out, as your mind bounces between all the things you have to do before Christmas. 

Take a deep breath, relax and remember, you still have six weeks until the 25th. So, pull out that ‘to-do’ paper, grab a pen and make a list of the things you need to do. That feeling when your guests walk in for your first summer get-together will be worth it.

Because hey, who doesn’t love to show off their gorgeous Adelaide Hills property. Here’s your pre-hosting summer preparation tasks.

Easy updates to your Adelaide Hills home

The belated spring clean

Okay, your first task? The big clean. You know the kind we do every year. If you’ve been busy, you might not have done it yet. Before you start getting your home ready for hosting, practice those culling skills and throw away or donate the items you don’t need. New season, ‘new’ home.

Take this opportunity to move things around, too. If you’ve made extra space in your house, why not give the room an updated feel by re-positioning furniture, moving artwork, and ‘accessorising’ with trinkets from other areas in the house. Have fun with it. If you ever put up your house for sale in the Adelaide Hills, you’ll save yourself a lot of pre-preparation.

Add summer-inspired design pieces

This one certainly isn’t a must, but expanding on our previous point, this change of season is the ideal time to introduce new colours and textures in your house. It doesn’t have to be dramatic either – new cushions can do the trick.

Think about what tones you’re loving right now and look for opportunities to add them into your entertaining areas.

Stock up on summer supplies

The #1 rule of hosting is being prepared. This means having a house stocked full of party essentials like paper towels, biodegradable plates and cutlery, ice, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and batteries. Make a list of all the items your guests might need.

Party supplies

Onto the things you’ll need for the party. How many people do you have coming? Is your party following a certain theme? Is it day or night? Use the answers to create your party shopping list.

Tip: Make sure you hit the shops with a list. We’ve all been to the supermarket and have come home with a whole lot of things we didn’t really need.Food like potato chips, biscuits and dip, fruit platters and barbeque always do well. Stock up on soft drinks, water, juice and alcohol.

Clean the outdoor area

Even if your party is indoors, guests always seem to find their way outside. It’s an Aussie thing. We love the outdoors, especially in the summertime. Spend half an hour cleaning outdoor chairs and cushions, making sure the BBQ is ready to fire up, check your deck and garden lights, and buy a bottle of mozzie spray or citronella candles. This list is going to be fun, as you see it all come together.

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