Adelaide Hills

The top reasons why more people are moving to the Adelaide Hills

When you think of lifestyle, what comes to mind? Freedom is something that connects all of our visions – whether it’s in the context of time, choice or space. You choose how you spend your time and where. 

While the city brings lots of options, what if you could choose when you want that experience and when you don’t. What if you could have it both, country and city? It just depends on what mood you’re in.

The Adelaide Hills: Where affordability meets lifestyle

There aren’t many places that have the city, mountains and ranges, farms and gourmet food, world-class wineries and the beach (Fleurieu Peninsula) all within 30-40 minutes away. But this is what lifestyle looks like in the Adelaide Hills.

Here’s why people are taking the short drive up the freeway and creating their home in the Hills. Adelaide Hills real estate alone is a drawcard, but there’s so much on offer in this region.

The value

When you compare the land sizes of houses in Adelaide to the Hills, you’ll understand why people are choosing to commute. You get so much more for your investment in the Hills. This means you don’t have to live beyond your means and stress yourself out just to make your mortgage or rent. Or, you can get an extra bedroom, a study or that dream outdoor kitchen, you get more for less. You’ll realise the value once you start to look for houses for sale in the Adelaide Hills.

The community spirit

If the Adelaide Hills was a person, they’d wear Birkenstocks. The Hills have this country cool vibe that you just want to be around. The people it attracts want the same thing: great living. It’s a place where you feel connected. You walk down the street and see people you know. But with the region being expansive and every town having their own personality, there’s always something (or someone) new to discover. Feel connected in the Hills.

The backyards

The great Australian icon. Go to an auction in the city and it feels like that might never become your reality. Well, not in the Hills. The backyards are big, the fences are white, and there’s room for 2.5 kids + a pooch or two. It makes our job as real estate agents easier because the property sizes are generous, unlike in the city.

The peace

Time slows down in the Hills. Saturdays are enjoyed perusing fresh produce markets, hiking lush trails, and trying a cute café. Sundays are spent out on your backyard deck, reading a book and sipping a glass of local red wine. And even if you’re working or taking care of the family, there’s a relaxing energy in the Hills that you can’t deny.

Experience the true meaning of lifestyle when you’re in the Adelaide Hills. Reach out with all your real estate Adelaide Hills questions.