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How to add spring-inspired pops of colour in your home this season.

After spending the last few months social distancing at home, it’s probably overdue for a little makeover. And with the turn of spring, there’s no better time to give your interiors a burst of life (to match the blooming outdoors). 

The cool thing is, you don’t have to have an eye for art deco or a Pinterest obsession. You also don’t have to make any structural changes to your interior to make an impact. Often, times with design changes, less is more.

Give your Adelaide Hills property a spring refresh

Plants, plants, plants!

Fill all those nooks with tall, gorgeous plants. Don’t be tempted by fake plants – you’ll feel guilty each time you look at them. Plants make interiors feel more complete, add a touch of colour without going overboard, and help bring the outside, in. Mix up the types of plants in each room, like a hanging style in the bathroom, small pots in the kitchen, and sprawling ivy leaves in the bedrooms.

Embrace floating wood

Are you looking for more storage around the home? Instead of buying cabinets, bookcases or tables (that you can hide stuff underneath), consider raw wood. This is a hot spring style and if you’re perusing Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll spot wooden cabinetry.

Wood is a great material choice for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms as it introduces a natural ambience, as well as functionality. It softens a stark white room, even if it’s as simple as a pair of floating wooden shelves on the wall.

Earthy, organic pieces

A new throw rug can change a room’s mood, as can cushions, seat coverings, and design pieces on display. Go shopping for items like a bamboo lamp shade, a wooden fruit bowl, handmade ottomans, and eclectic flower vases. Ask yourself: does this evoke a feeling of nature? Just look outside your Adelaide Hills property for inspiration.

Navy cabinets

If you don’t want to add anything new into your home (or spend more than a few bucks), pick a piece of furniture to paint. Navy is a classic, refreshing colour that’s perfect year-round. Not game to paint your kitchen cabinets? Start with a smaller room, like a bathroom or laundry. Getting spring design right is about knowing your colours, being a little playful, and embracing the ‘rebirth’ ethos the season brings.

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