Adelaide Hills

COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle (and what we need in a home).

One key trend that’s emerged from the pandemic is a focus on finding a home that offers a high-quality lifestyle. In the Adelaide Hills, this almost comes as a default. Owning real estate in the Adelaide Hills comes with a certain lifestyle – charming, country-cosmopolitan living.

Lifestyle is one of our region’s main strengths (and why we continue to attract more people from urban areas). Short-term work from home and social distancing suggestions are becoming long-term shifts – which is transforming the way we want to live.

People are leaving cities & moving regional (to the Hills)

With more workplaces having transitioned to remote set-ups at least partially, people are second-guessing whether to live close to metropolitan areas. This opens up the options of where we can live and the affordable costs of regional housing are hard to ignore.

In a recent article by Nest Egg, the Adelaide Hills came in as one of Australia’s best work from home destinations. Locations that offer a foodie culture, beautiful wineries and inland wonders are set to enjoy an increase of demand in the years to come, according to Propertyology’s head of research, Simon Pressley.

A 2016 Census revealed the Adelaide Hills had a high portion (13.8%) of work from home employers in the winery and foodie culture category. Victor Harbour had 6.9%, a leader in the coastal regions.

The Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula not only offer wonderful lifestyles alone but also still provide a connection to the city. So, while regional locations are becoming more desirable, this isn’t to say metropolitan hubs (and easy access to them) isn’t important. Both regions have major highways going directly into the city. No matter where your Adelaide Hills property is, you’re likely no more than one hour from the city’s heart.

Reviewing life’s priorities

With no vaccine in sight and the widespread rollout expected to go well into 2021, our priorities have changed. We seek comfort, space and safety over the perks of city life. This means having a home where we can work from, maybe buy a pet, and backyard space to invite close family and friends over (without having to cram inside).

You might be lucky to live in a home that ticks all these boxes. But it’s also natural during this time to be in a house that you feel doesn’t give you what you need, right now. Take out your notebook and write ‘my current lifestyle priorities’ at the top of the page. List all the things that are important to you. Is it all possible with your property? If not, talk to our team of real estate agents in the Adelaide Hills.

Now more than ever, your home is the most important asset (yes, even as an Adelaide Hills property owner).